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Recommend an inspiring person

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About life in the Asian part of Istanbul: Soulful people, art centre and atypical houses


About life in the Asian part of Istanbul: Soulful people, art centre and atypical houses

Anastasia Barzova, 24 years old, hometown — Novosibirsk, photographer


About housing choice

Students who live in the Fashion district, rent apartments and look for people through different sites, forums, applications. This is an expensive district, but with a highlight for which people are ready to overpay. Many people want to live here, but not everyone can.



The houses in the Fashion district have a great location — Bosphorus, the ferry that will take you to the European side of the city in 15 minutes. The most interesting people, for me, are those who live for a long time in small European-style houses. Turks with middle-income who have their own home and small business. It is a pleasure to meet such people. They will share interesting stories and can support any conversation.

About people

Not all Turks love this district. They think is impossible to separate people so obviously to the poor and rich. I think any city has the most expensive and prestigious districts. But not in every city such district will be stylish, youthful and convenient, as in Istanbul.

There are many design and planning specialists in this area. Their services are expensive, but here the most stylish homes, streets and public places.

This is one of the favourite places to stay for tourists due to inexpensive hostels and creative people.


People from our district are always happy and satisfied with life, even if they rent a small apartment and earn middle wages. The district attracts those who want to create a family, youth and hip-hop party. During the walk near the waterfront in the evening, you will meet laughing young people in the park, and they communicate, draw, dance or sing. This area is their creative platform.


The locals make you feel like at home. I like that the neighbours are communicating very close and know each other's families. Nothing defines the character of a city more than its people.

About life conditions

All kinds of services are near the house. There is a quality service.

Small streets, garlands, colourful details of houses, conceptual bars and institutions, a leisurely pace creates an atmosphere of comfort.

This is a safe area, women and children can safely come back home late at night or go for a walk. There are narrow streets, therefore not so many cars and driving is slow. Children are unafraid to walk or run here.

If I would choose where I want to live forever, my choice is the Fashion district, Istanbul.

Sarkhan Shkhiyev, 24 years old, Azerbaijan

ТУРОК 3.jpg

About housing choice

Kadikoy and Fashion are one of the most attractive places in Turkey. It is not enough just to talk about the beauty of the district, because it is worth to come and see everything with own eyes, walk along the promenade, sit in the park, walk in the streets.

I used to live on the opposite bank in the European part of Istanbul. Living there was difficult. It was difficult to find a job, and I moved to Kadikoy six months ago. I live here as this is my hometown. The feeling like I always lived in this part of Turkey after moving, I got used to the district.


About life conditions

People in Istanbul are kind and nice. In my opinion, Kadikoy and Fashion are the best districts for life in Istanbul. I always pleased to talk about life in this city. Here you hear the sound of the sea waking up in the morning. For me, it is like singing, and it can't get any better.


From our district, you can see the other parts of the city. The Fashion district is convenient because there is a steamship, subway and minibuses. For people it is important.

Everything you need for a comfortable life is here. I walk through the main square when I return to home and the place where I like to have breakfast. I pass the streets of bars, where parties and events are held. I go to the Fashion beach and listen to the tides of the sea, that's how I relax.

Jeremy Statum, 25 years old, hometown — Toronto, coffee shop manager


About housing choice

The district located near the coast of the sea of Marmara — this was the main choice criteria. Fashion district is included in the list of the most stylish and cool areas of the world.

The interest of tourists and locals has increased over the past few years. They realized that here you can find a cheap accommodation or buy an apartment without any regrets.


About people

People sit for hours in the parks and enjoy the view, the atmosphere, the wind. Here hover of the fun spirit, positive and relaxation with friends. There is no place for noise, night parties in bars. People from our neighbourhood usually go to bed earlier than in other parts of the city.

People come to us to relax and have a good time. Tourists will not face social or cultural problems here.


About life conditions

New cafes, restaurants and shops are regularly opening here. This makes the district a must-visit destination for tourists. The visitor will experience in the Fashion district how the local modern youth is spending time. Kadikoy and Fashion have a quiet atmosphere, not noisy as in the European part of the city. From the apartments and houses of the district, you can enjoy views to the whole of Istanbul.


The name is completely true. It is the fastest growing district of Istanbul. There is a good transport interchange, a quick access to any part of the city — subway, buses, ferry. Near in Kadikoy located the famous Opera house. A lot of art, activities, entertainment and creativity. We sell the famous Turkish ice cream.

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