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Dina Temirgaliyeva, 30, from Shymkent, HR manager


On the starting point

Once in the 2000s a company founders had a man from Tashkent as a guest here. There were no places to go out as hen there were no full-fledged restaurants of Uzbek cuisine in Shymkent at that moment.

Meyram Group’s first project was "Koksaray" restaurant.

001 (1).jpg

"Koksaray" became one of the sights as all the guests are welcomed here.

The Tashkent tea was invented in our restaurant. Our chief barman came up with a recipe for this tea, which became popular in Kazakhstan and beyond. For example, it’s called "director's" in Moscow while in Tashkent “Tashkent tea” is something unknown.

On brand and some difficulties

I wanted the brand to be national, sonorous, modern and meaningful. "Meiram" means “holiday” as we want our guests to have a holiday every day.

There are many difficulties in the restaurant business, yet all of them are surmountable. We believe that challenges are some kind of opportunities for improvement. They are catalysts for moving forward.

On the development

We had much debate about the stream theme to develop restaurant activities. Some partners wanted to develop the chain of "Koksarai" restaurants, some were willing to open unique restaurants. Anyway, the second option was chosen as it’s not about earnings but about new and useful ideas for the city sake.

"Koksaray" was expanded into "Aksaray" similar to its "older brother".


In 2008 the Meyram Group opened the Mozzarella restaurant. A friend from Switzerland came to the partners, he could really feel Shymkent hospitality. However, on the seventh day he got tired and asked for a pilaf without meat and pasta. Then no one knew about pasta, rucola and mozzarella. But we opened an Italian restaurant due to the need.

A month before the opening the partners talked with Farid working in one of the most popular St. Petersburg Italian restaurants. He told us about Italian cuisine which was incomprehensible. Partners had thought of the Italian restaurant with Italian design and a couple of dishes with Italian names. There was no chef, no ingredients for dishes, no understanding of what it was. Partners flew to St. Petersburg and got acquainted with the kitchen. There the "Ryba" restaurant just made us feel in love with Italian cuisine and proved that a real Italian restaurant should be open in Shymkent.


The same scenario was applied during "Koksaray" on the Momyshuly street, WokWok pan-Asian cuisine restaurant and "Anar" Turkish restaurant creation.

On fast food

Managers noticed popularity of fast food restaurants in big cities.

However, no one was attracted to burgers and other unhealthy food. We wanted our product to be fast, tasty and healthy. Pan-Asian cuisine and noodles was gaining popularity in Moscow, we liked that for it is full food. So there was an idea to serve real Tashkent pilaf in boxes. Our chefs are the best in pilaf cooking, whereas pilaf is really loved by Shymkent people.

We also have “The Papa” chain of fast food restaurants. This name was founded when one of our partners had a son as papa is about caring, reliability, and joy.

Now we have three branches selling pilaf in boxes, four branches of The Papa. In total we have seven restaurants in Shymkent. Also, we have one restaurant in Astana and one in Almaty. 16 objects in total. So our fast food is really popular.



On employees and the menu

Our chiefs co-work while developing our brand. We often hold brainstorming sessions to propose and discuss ideas, make decisions. We have general managers about fast food and restaurant business. Every restaurant has its own managers. In total, the company employs 300 people.

The menu and dishes are developed by our chefs. Sometimes our chefs create something according to the tastes of our boss. We send employees to various courses abroad. Also, we invite chefs from abroad to exchange experience. The chefs create dishes according to traditional recipes and adapting them to the tastes of the guests.


On plans

We’re planning to restore the Garage restaurant.

The Papa has a goal to deliver monthly happiness to 300,000 people by the end of 2020 while 50 branches of box pilaf restaurants are to be opened all over Kazakhstan.

Next, we wish to enter Russian, Uzbek, Chinese, Arabian markets.


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