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  • Наш Человек в общении с окружением честен и справедлив, порядочен и верен

  • Вы доверяете ему и уверены в его искренности

  • Наш Человек живет полной жизнью: любимая семья, достойное окружение, любимое дело, интересное хобби

  • Наш Человек всегда идет вперед и развивается

  • Наш Человек неравнодушен и готов вместе с нами создавать добрые дела

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Recommend an inspiring person

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9 opportunities to open or expand a business in Central Asia


9 opportunities to open or expand a business in Central Asia

Opening and developing a business requires a significant amount of resources, including financial ones. We tell you how the Central Asian states support entrepreneurs.


"National Project on Entrepreneurship Development for 2021-2025"

There are two main areas of support within the project:

1. Support for micro and small businesses.

Small and microenterprises in various industries can participate, except pawnshops, microfinance, factoring organizations and leasing companies.

Entrepreneurs can get a loan of up to 20 million tenge for investment purposes and up to 5 million tenge for replenishment of working capital.

Interest rate on the loan: the base rate of the National Bank + 7%.

2. Support of entrepreneurs/subjects of industrial and innovative activity.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can get a loan in the amount of up to 360 000 000 tenge, and existing ones — up to 1 000 000 000.

Funds can be obtained as investments, for replenishment of working capital or refinancing.

Interest rate on the loan: the base rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan + 5%.

"The economy of simple things"


The program is intended for private entrepreneurs — small, medium and large businesses in the manufacturing industry and the agro-industrial complex.

Rate: 15%.

The maximum amount for one borrower: up to a billion tenge.

Subsidy amount: up to 9% of the nominal remuneration rate.

Subsidy period:

— for investments — up to 10 years

— for replenishment of working capital — up to three years.

Purpose of the loan:

— investments and replenishment of working capital

— replenishment of working capital on a renewable basis is allowed.

"Damu Regions"

The purpose of the program is to help in the development of small and medium—sized businesses in priority sectors of the economy for the regions of Kazakhstan.

Loan amount: up to 750 000 000 tenge.

Rate: determined by the decision of the Board of the Fund.

Loan term:

— for an investment of no more than 84 months

— to replenish working capital for no more than 36 months.


Citizens of Kazakhstan who have the status of unemployed, self-employed, beginning and existing entrepreneurs and other segments of the population can participate in the program. They can get a loan for starting a business in the amount of up to 8000 MCI in Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Aktau and Atyrau, and up to 6000 MCI in other cities. In 2023, 1 MCI is equal to 3450 tenge.

Lending rate: no more than 6% per annum.

Loan term:

— for investment — up to five years

— for replenishment of working capital — up to three years.


Loans for the development of small and medium-sized businesses from the "Entrepreneurship Development Fund"

The Fund provides loans to entrepreneurs for business development. The purposes of obtaining funds can be: replenishment of working capital, acquisition of fixed assets and equipment, financing of production processes, increasing the volume of commodity purchases.


Loan amount: 20 000-300 000 SOM.

Term: 3-36 months.

Rate: 24%-30%.

Loan amount: 300 001-1 000 000 SOM.

Duration: 3-36 months, possible increase to 60 months.

Loan rate: 22%-24%.

The program of the "Guarantee Fund"

The Fund provides access to financial resources for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Maximum loan amount: up to 100 000 000 SOM.

Duration: up to 48 months.

The size of the tariff for granting a loan: 2%-2.5%, depending on the purpose.


State Fund for Business Support


The Fund supports projects of small businesses.

Compensation is provided to cover part of loans from commercial banks.

Amount: up to 5 000 000 000 sums.

Rate: 1.5 times the rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan.

Term: up to three years.

The guarantee covers up to 50% of the allocated loans.

Amount: up to 2 500 000 000 sums.

Financial assistance within the framework of the Fund is allocated only for one project, but an entrepreneur can apply again.

"Program of preferential lending to small businesses"

Within the framework of the state program, commercial banks allocate loans.

Size: up to 5 000 000 000 sums, depending on the loan term

Term: up to five years, including a grace period of up to two years, at a rate of 14% per annum.

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