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Recommend an inspiring person

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Anel Raiym, 30 years old, from Astana, Karo Meli brand founder

I was looking for myself and gave birth to the third child, when realized what my vocation is. I started making clothes for my daughter, then for friends, and now I create clothing for everyone. It all began when I sewed two tulle skirts for my child and put them on Instagram. After that I was asked if I could make made-to-order clothing. I couldn’t refuse, of course, so the brand Karo Meli appeared.


For four years I have been creating not kids and baby clothing only, but the adult garments made for children as well. My clothing is adapted for children so that the child can dress like a dad and a mother. This is stylish clothing with an individual "handwriting." Also I design festive outfits for girls. As for the boys, we are launching boy line this year.

Creating clothes for children, we take into account the convenience for the child and the fabrics naturalness. Also, certain fabrics use depends on the collection and the season. For example, in summer we make clothes from cotton, tulle and other fabrics.


Before to start sewing, I have an image in my mind, then I select a fabric that would "fit" a child well. Some dresses bear the names of their first owners.

The prices are average, affordable. There are also luxury class dresses, but we make them on order, we use different quality fabrics.

I’m inspired by children!

Christina Zhukova, 24 years old, from Astana, Catreen Design brand founder

We’ve been working in the fashion sphere for two years. We started with clutch bags and nationally ornamented bags, later we switched to natural fabrics. The first collection of Catreen Design was made of felt, and the second kids and baby collection was made of linen and cotton. We moved from national features away and started to create Western models. The main idea is the eastern and western cultures fusion.


Fabrics are bought in Russia. Cotton is required to be in children's clothes, so that in the summer, for example, clothes had an air circulation. We also use flax in its various density and natural chiffon. For winter clothes we use cashmere and wool, and for outer clothing - natural cloth.

While creating children clothes, we try to make it as comfortable as possible. In the summer, the child should not be hot, and in winter clothing must keep warm. Also, we take into account cut peculiarities. "Beauty requires sacrifice" principle is appropriate for adults, but not for children. Therefore, practicality and convenience are put in the forefront. At the same time we introduce the corporate identity of the Catreen Design brand.


The price policy is made up of expenses, work complexity and the material usage. Compared with other Astana designers, we offer affordable prices, for accessories especially.

Ekaterina Vasilenko, 30 years old, from Almaty, Kettybonanza brand founder

We‘ve been on the market since June 2015. I always dreamed of becoming a women clothing designer. After the daughter birth, I came to the idea of ​​creating the Family look direction in Kazakhstan, when a mom and a daughter are dressed alike. All the girls want to look like their mothers, therefore we created Kettybonanza conceptual brand.


Family look is great to go to a wedding party, if you want to take ​​plenty of compliments. On the child birthday, we create the same dresses for mums and daughters, similar accessories in the form of a butterfly or a tie for a daddy. It looks bright and stylish. Family photo shoots in the family look style provide with more beautiful photos than if the family came in different style clothing. Boys clothing is usually made-to-order.

Kids and baby clothing requires natural fabrics only: light and flowing silk, Korean cotton, which is suitable for summer wear, and European fittings. Today we apply a unique cutting technique allowing to make a dress having a few try-ons only. Thus, we are pleased to introduce our work to all Kazakhstani, not Almaty residents only.


Our prices are affordable. For example, "Mom and Daughter" summer set costs from 15 000 tenge, while more elegant and expensive fabrics reach 60 000 tenge per set.

Mostly we pay a great attention to the cotton lining. A top layer is free to be embroidered of any cloth you want, though the lining’s better to be cotton. Natural cotton doesn’t hinder children’s movements and guarantees comfort and convenience.

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