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14 things that only France have: Furniture from the Alps, cheeses and truffles


14 things that only France have: Furniture from the Alps, cheeses and truffles

Lavender fields

The official capital of lavender is Sault in the Haute-Vaucluse Department. The famous Provence has strewn with lavender fields stretching from the Albion plateau to Lure mountains, from Mont Ventoux to the Luberon massif. And combined with vineyards and villages.

Special attention is attracted to the province of Aix-en-Provence surrounded by a dense ring of shady boulevards, with cosy restaurants, cafes and shops. You can see lavender fields not only in Provence but in several similar places in France.

French truffles

The most expensive mushrooms in the world, the price of which starts from 200 to 1000 euros per kilogram. A truffle is a rarely seen product, and even less likely to try. It is the description of French cuisine as well as baguette and cheese. There are whole plantations in the country where truffles are grown.

French cheese

Cheese is produced not only from cattle and goat milk but also from sheep and buffalo milk. The country produces a hundred types of cheese. The most famous are Roquefort, Brie, Camembert and Comte. Cheese can be bought at dairies and special stores.

Oyster farms

Several lagoons and regions of France have oyster farms with open shops and tasting restaurants. Farm owners can introduce to the process of catching shellfish. Oysters from France delivered to restaurants of Belgium, Holland and other European countries.

French perfume

French perfumery considered as one of the most expensive and elite in the world. The country is a trendsetter of perfumery fashion, more than eight thousand fragrances produced here. The top 10 brands Chanel, Christian Dior, Guerlain, Cartier, Lacoste, Givenchy, Hermes.

Fashion houses

Fashion houses of France occupy a high position in the world. Their word in every season means a lot to women and young designers. Dior is one of the oldest fashion houses in France. SAINT LAURENT, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Balmain, Hermès, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton and other French brands are famous all over the world.

Furniture Mobalpa

"Furniture from the Alps" is one of the most popular French brands. The brand is a family business and has existed since the 1950s. The range of modern collections from solid wood: rustic and contemporary design. Today Mobalpa also produces bathroom furniture and a variety of storage systems.

Pierre Frey fabrics

Pierre Frey fabrics are interesting for professionals and ordinary housewives. Anyone can order fabric from the company. The company has existed since 1935. Fabrics are produced using nanotechnology and natural raw materials.

Home appliances De Dietrich

Appliances from De Dietrich in the kitchen is comparable to Mercedes-Benz car marque. This family business has been progressing since the 18th century. Now they have the most innovative equipment, new directions and qualitative standards. For example, in 2007 brand was the first to release the Continuum "unlimited" cooking surface with the largest cooking area.


France highlighted because of the unique technology of preparation and production of chocolate. Here were born the famous chocolate truffles, unique types of hot chocolate, cream ganache, praline. Each technological stage of chocolate production in the country is strictly controlled by prescription requirements.


Only in France are produced unique dried sausages, Jesus de Lion and Rosette. It is a delicacy from the province of Auvergne and the most famous sausage in the country. Unusual variants of salami with nuts conquer European markets. French sausage with figs, walnuts and wine pears is also produced.

Candied violets

A popular dessert that became a symbol of Toulouse. In the South of France have been organized numerous plantations and mastered the industrial technology of turning violet flowers fragrant and parma in sweetness. Now famous confectionery factories of the world buy candied violets in Toulouse for products decoration.


The Parisian confectionery Ladurée considered being the birthplace of this dessert. And almost all tourists coming to France dream to bring sweet souvenirs from Ladurée. There is an abundance of flavours and colours, a unique recipe and original branded packaging. Such macarons cannot be found anywhere else in the world but Ladurée.

Foie gras

France is famous for foie gras cooked from duck or goose liver. It is a gastronomic symbol of the country. The delicacy is attractive for tourists because in many European countries its production is completely prohibited.

We thank for the help in creating the article: Mary Perriere, Dina Mushtanova, Anna Kiseleva.

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