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14 banks operating in Tajikistan: for youth, business, and international organizations


14 banks operating in Tajikistan: for youth, business, and international organizations

We tell you about the largest banks in Tajikistan and their features.

Orienbank, @orienbank.tj


One of the oldest and largest banks in the country. It offers a wide range of services: issuing bank cards, mortgage and consumer lending, remote account management, credit cards with a grace period, term deposits, safe deposit box rentals, remittances, and many other things.

Amonatbonk, @amonatbank.tj

Another one of the largest banks in Tajikistan has become a backbone for the country. Contributes to the development of the socio-economic and financial policy of Tajikistan. Almost all types of services are provided here.

There are more than 311 outlets in the country.

Eskhata Bank, @bank_eskhata

The bank is among the most reliable banks in the country. The bank is distinguished by its active charitable activities, assisting the least protected segments of the population, medical institutions, and social welfare organizations whose sphere of activity includes caring for those in need.

Tawhidbank, @tawhidbank


Conducts work according to Islamic banking, which is the method of conducting banking affairs conditioned by Sharia. This distinguishes Tawhidbank from traditional banks.

Pervii mikrofinansovii bank, @thefirstmicrofinancebank

The Bank operates by international standards of ethics, prudential, and customer service. Provides reliable and high-quality services in almost all directions in all regions of Tajikistan.

Many international organizations in the country work with this bank.

Bonky Rushdie Tojikiston

The bank has a wide and constantly expanding network of correspondent relations with banks of the Russian Federation, far and near abroad.

It also has a flexible tariff policy and has all the necessary communication systems.

Branch of the Bank Tijorat IRI

Branch of the Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The bank has mutually beneficial cooperation with local and foreign banks and credit organizations.

The Bank conducts its activities openly, all reports can be found on the website, and they are publicly available.

Halyk Bank Tajikistan, @halykbank.tj

Халык Банк Таджикистан.jpg

One of the universal commercial banks of the Republic of Tajikistan. Provides services in all segments of the financial market: banking, insurance, securities, and leasing. All this is at the level of international standards.

Bank Arvand, @bank_arvand

A leading, dynamically developing, and sustainable microfinance bank using advanced technologies. Provides all the required financial services to entrepreneurs to stimulate the socio-economic development of Tajikistan.

Spitamen Bank, @spitamenbanktj

The products and services offered by the bank comply with international standards.

The bank has chosen as its main goal the introduction of new technologies and innovative products for the convenience of customers.

International Bank of Tajikistan, @ibt_tajikistan

Международный банк Таджикистана.jpg

The bank has a wide range of services: loans, deposits, money transfers, cash, and non-cash settlements, and currency exchange operations.

The advantage of this bank was the developed mobile banking system and the issuance of loans in a short time.

Commercebank of Tajikistan, @commercebank.tj

The Bank keeps pace with innovative technologies, applying standardized procedures for accessing microfinance in its relationships with customers. This allows you to minimize possible credit risks.

And the bank actively maintains its social networks, where you can find not only basic information but also a lot of useful content.

Alif Bank, @alifbank.tj

A financial organization that is preparing to obtain an Islamic banking license.

Today it is one of the most popular banks in the country and among the younger generation. The Alif Bank is known for his mobile application, which has become the main impetus for the development of cashless payment in Tajikistan.

Sanoatsodirotbonk, @sanoatsodirotbonk_ssb


This is a new bank based on the State Entrepreneurship Support Fund to finance business community projects.

The Bank is engaged in all banking operations permitted in the country.

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