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10 reasons to visit Tajikistan: from the highest mountains to unique traditions


10 reasons to visit Tajikistan: from the highest mountains to unique traditions

Visit one of the most mountainous countries in the world


Tajikistan is a 93% mountainous region, one of the most mountainous countries in the world. There are large pressure differences, which not everyone quickly adapts to. Mountains are the very first association with the country for all residents.

The main attraction is the Fann Mountains, one of the most picturesque systems in Central Asia. As well as the Pamir, included in the rating of the greenest places for tourism in the world.

Cheap vacation


In Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, the cost of living is two to three times cheaper than in other capitals of Central Asia. In small cities, prices for food, goods, and accommodation in hotels are even lower. Therefore, a vacation in the country will be budget-friendly. It is recommended to visit Tajikistan in summer and autumn when the markets are full of cheap fruits, vegetables, and dried fruits that any tourist will appreciate.

Try the national cuisine


Tajik cuisine is unique because there are special recipes for pilaf, shashlik, and other Turkic dishes available in the nearest countries. The peculiarity of Tajik cuisine is similar to Persian cuisine and a little sharp. The main dish here is kurutob — flatbreads dipped in grated cottage cheese with milk, and the addition of fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and herbs.

Learn about unique traditions


Tajik culture was formed under the influence of different countries. Therefore, national traditions differ depending on the region — there are special features in the Pamir Mountains, the Hissar Valley, and in the North of the country. It will be interesting to learn about the history of Tajik clothing, music, and dance. Each region has its special souvenir that is worth bringing home.

To meet people


Many tourists come to the country just to get to know the locals. Here guests are warmly received, can be invited to their home for a cup of tea, and treated to national sweets. People are used to showing hospitality and will never refuse to help.

Visit picturesque cities and towns


Dushanbe, Khorog, Khujand, Panjikent, Istaravshan, Murghab are some of the major cities in Tajikistan, each of which is not like its neighbor. Here a special color has formed, even the residents differ. The first thing tourists pay attention to is the difference in patterns in mosques and other architectural structures. Therefore, visit not only the capital to get to know the country.

To see the beautiful historical monuments


Throughout its history, Tajikistan has been influenced by the Arabs, Mongols, Timurids, Turks, Persians, and Russians. Here Alexander The Great and Marco Polo passed with caravans, and the Silk Road passed through the territory of almost the entire country. The ancient civilization in Tajikistan is more than 3,000 years old. This influenced the buildings and architectural structures that have survived to this day. To visit the most beautiful places, special excursions are organized to the regions.

To choose the best place for trekking


Few people know that Tajikistan is the best place for tracking. There are beautiful landscapes, a wide variety of hiking routes and interesting mountain terrain. It is recommended to start your acquaintance with the Fann Mountains, then go to the Yagnob Valley, Pamir, Bahor, and Engels Peak. The main thing for every mountain tourist will be climbing Communism Peak.

Drive along one of the most famous roads in the world


Locals call the road Bam-I-Dunya, which means Roof of the World — this is the Pamir highway or the M41 highway. People come here to make one of the most interesting car adventures in the world. The Pamir highway is the highest mountain road located along with mountain passes. Along the way, you can visit famous tourist places — the Vakhan Valley, Bartang, Pshart Mountains, Bahor, and other natural attractions. There is no Internet connection and almost no civilization.

Relax on the local lakes


Iskanderkul, Hafrazdara, Karakul, Haft-Kul, Sarez, Zor-Kul, Alovaddin and Kulikalon lakes are one of the few natural reservoirs that people come to the country for. All places are located high in the mountains. There are more than two thousand reservoirs on the territory of the entire country. Many of the lakes were formed after earthquakes or mountain collapses, glaciers melting. Mountain tours and hikes are organized to each of the places to take exciting photos and relax in nature.

Photo source: tonkosti.ru , centralasia.media , koolinar.ru

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