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10 best trekking routes of Almaty region


10 best trekking routes of Almaty region

National tourist portal Kazakhstan.travel wrote about the trekking routes of Almaty region.

Route 1. Butakovka Gorge, Forest pass and the Cape of Hope


This route considered one of the most popular among tourists because it is easy to get to the starting point, the level of difficulty of climbing low and you can do without spending the night. The stunning beauty of the views that literally open every 100 meters will be remembered for a lifetime. The stages of the trek: the climb to the Forest Pass that connects the Butakovka Gorge and Katyrbulak. It is desirable to collect water from the purest mountain river, otherwise, then there will be nowhere.

Continue climbing the forest-covered scallop after you reached the pass. This segment of the path ends when you see a spacious, wide plateau. In winter, it is covered with deep snow, and it would be better for you to have a ski in this case.

After the plateau, you will find a reward as a magnificent view of the Cape of Hope. If you have the strength to go on, then go to the top. Bukreeva Peak will be a perfect finishing landscape of your trekking, especially considering the views from it overlooking the city and rocky ridge with the highest peak of Zailiyskiy Alatau — Talgar peak.

Because such trips can only be reached in a group with an experienced guide, try not to neglect advice with regards to mountain uniforms, minimal kit, set of products, matches, pocket knives and others. You should always be prepared for unexpected turns of the trip.

Route 2. Walk along the Turgen Gorge


This trekking route is suitable for those who have never gone on a long hiking trip and wants to understand how it happens while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature. Walking through the Turgen Gorge is not aimless walking and photographing: your goal is to get to the enchanting Bear Waterfall. There is a legend about him that if you drink water from the flowing stream, you will definitely rejuvenate, add health and strength. Your way will be like the arrival at the gorge and the beginning of the path to the waterfall. Quite soon there will be a huge sculpture of the Golden Saky warrior and burial mounds. When you get to the wonderful waterfall, drink crystal-clear water and take beautiful pictures.

After the waterfall, you can go further and visit the trout farm.

Route 3. Picturesque trekking between lakes Kolsay 1 and Kolsay 2


In total, there are three Kolsay Lakes, located almost one above the other with a height difference of about 700 meters. The whole route runs along a small trail, from the first to the second lake there is a good knurled road, you can even book a horse riding tour.

But to the second and third lake, you have to walk. A narrow mountain trail offers incredible views of the rocky peaks, Alpine meadows and forest. Here you can fully eat berries, collect and fry fresh juicy mushrooms on the fire, treat yourself with just caught fish.

Route 4. Tour on Charyn Canyon and walk through the Valley of Castles


Charyn Canyon is not inferior to the Grand Canyon in North America, except for its size. The descent to the canyon can be carried out by car, but you can go on the floor if you are a brave trekking-lover. A little later begins the wonderful Valley of Castles, where nature for millions of years has formed an almost alien landscape, with layered castles, peaks and other impressive forms. If desired, at the bottom of the canyon you can spend the night in a bungalow or pitch a tent, and everything is equipped for frying kebabs or barbecue.

Route 5. Waterfalls, a paradise for mushroom pickers and a source of youth


Quite a long but beautiful hike awaits you in 61 km from Kuldjinckaya road — the entrance to the Turgen Gorge and the ascent to the Kayraksky Waterfall. This tracking is intense: get ready for the fact that the end of the path will fall. See how many interesting things await the traveller on this way: a simple climb to the beautiful waterfalls Bear and Buzgul. Then go higher, and another waterfall, but much more impressive size almost 55 meters.

A little higher, on the plateaus of Batan and Assy, mushroom pickers have where to pick up some — large and juicy bunches, redheads, boletus ask in a basket!

On the Batan Plateau, you can also see the high-mountain Observatory of the USSR. Nearby are excavations of ancient settlements of the bronze and iron age.

On the way back you will find another mini-adventure. A little turning off the trail, you will come across a real source of youth and beauty. Crystal clear and cold water perfectly quenches thirst and relieves all fatigue.

Route 6. The road to the Big Almaty Peak with stunning views of the Big Almaty Lake


Climbing the peak requires minimal skill and a basic set of knowledge about mountain hikes, but good physical training will not be superfluous. Still, the air there is somewhat discharged and the difference in altitude is felt.

The first thing that opens the route is the pass of Dzhusaly-Kesene Space Station. Before it can be reached by asphalt road by car, but then the barrier, a small working town, and then a footpath leading to the mountains. Trekking has started. The trail will take you to the Marble pass, on the sides of which there are two gorges: Big Almaty and Hiking.

The easy part of the hike is over. You will find a difficult but manageable ascent to the South Summit. Bypassing the left side of the rock massifs, the path will block large boulders, but it is quite easy to climb over them. Their appearance means you have overcome most of the way!

The view from the Southern top can already be considered a view from the Big Almaty Peak, but still, the best landscape is hidden further. Go down on a barely noticeable trail and move on the right side of the peak, to the Northern top. There you will find a landscape that you will remember for the rest of your life. There, at the top, you can arrange a high-altitude picnic — fortunately, there are many suitable places.

Route 7. Small Almaty Round-the-World


Small Almaty Round-the-World — famous mountain trekking, which includes climbing to as many as four peaks, riding on a wonderful mountain swing, hike through the picturesque coniferous forest, free descent by cable car and much more.

The beginning of the way — at the rink Medeo early in the morning, so sleep well and gain strength.

A winding mountain trail will lead through the Kim-Asar Gorge to the famous swing. There it will be possible to be photographed, to have a rest and to continue a way.

About an hour and a half after will seem great and beautiful Furmanovka, another hour — Panorama. These are the first two peaks on our way, the height difference from 3000 to 3200 meters.

Then again, go up the hill and admire Bashuta Peak. It's the last on the list.

After an hour of climbing by traversing and a simple rise will open Chimbulak Peak height of 3,400 meters. This is the last peak, but not the end of the road.

After passing the rocky sections of the Chimbulak and overcoming the segment of the trail going along the ridge, Talgar pass finally begins to be seen. Exhale in a relaxed way because you did it. You have all the classic set of pictures of the best views of Almaty mountains, which can be reviewed in the winter evenings.

From the pass to the base station, you can comfortably and free of charge reach by cable car, making the final pictures. Medeo you can reach on foot, but if there is no strength buy a ticket for a cable car or bus/taxi.

Route 8. Kok-Zhailau plateau and Gorelnik GorgeAC137546-33A1-407D-B25E-2E6FA5B3301B.jpeg

This route can rightly be considered the easiest in the list, but no less spectacular and interesting. Its charm is that people of all ages and even with weak physical training can go along these paths absolutely without problems.

The way originates from the stop "Prosveschenets". Further on the asphalt and steppe road, making a few turns and a steep climb along the ridge, you will come to the path that will lead you to Kok-Zhailau. All this will take you about two or three hours.

Through the Kok-Zhailau is possible to climb in the Gorelnik Gorge, to once again freeze the beauty of untouched nature. Many bubbling waterfalls, moss-green rocks and coniferous forest of the gorge create an indescribable atmosphere, as a few million years ago.

Route 9. Waterfalls, gorges and moraine lakes


The route looks like this: Kumbelsu pass — Kumbelsu Gorge. At the foot of the gorge, there is a glacier of Soviets and a small moraine lake with fascinating azure pure water. Everything around shimmers in the sun: sugar peaks, exceptionally clear sky without urban smog and shiny water surface.

Further, from the tract of the Tuyuk-su begins the ascent to the foot of Youth Peak. It is a complete ice massif, climb which will only with mountaineering insurance.

You can see the moraine lakes of Titov, reaching the upper Gorelnik Gorge, not reaching about ten kilometres. The views here are stunning as if in the ground encrusted with rounded diamonds, reflecting the azure of the sky and shimmering in the sun.

Going deeper into the gorge, you can admire its waterfalls, as well as relax in the eagle's nest — a place of rest for tired tourists.

Route 10. Big Almaty Round-the-World


The final touch will be a Big Almaty Round-the-World tour, the duration of which varies from three to four days, the complexity is somewhat higher than the average. Your trekking route for four days looks like this: from the Medeo skating rink by cable car, you will get to the Talgar pass. Then you will find about eight scenic kilometres to the gorge of the Left Talgar.

The second day begins with a Sunny glade — a popular destination for tourists. Then a few hours to the foot of the pass Tourists.

The third day will be rich and difficult. The starting point will be the moraine lake of Tourists, then climbing the pass and descent to the foot of the Soviet Peak.

The last day will be the easiest, with a farewell admiring the Big Almaty Lake and transfer to the city.

Photo source: travelbook.kz

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