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Young entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan who started a business before 25


Young entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan who started a business before 25

Nigar Askerkhanova, age 29, hometown — Baku, Founder/ GM, @fotooboibaku

nigar (1).jpg

About the beginning

In 2007, our family had a store selling wallpapers, floor coverings, and decorative elements. Then I realized that I liked this field, but I want to create something exclusive and individual.

At the age of 19, I opened a company for the production of exclusive photo wallpapers. This is a great field to implement my creative ideas. In my free time, I do a graphic drawing, sports, organizing events, traveling and going out to nature.

nigar (3).jpg

About business

We are engaged in the production and sale of photo wallpapers made by order according to individual sizes for any residential and commercial premises. The photo database includes 90 million photos for every taste, color, and theme. We have an individual collection created by the designers and me.

At the age of 19, I opened a company for the production of exclusive photo wallpapers

We work with the best European material on high-quality equipment that allows conveying the beauty and effect of photos in reality.

About features and difficulties

At first, people compared photo wallpapers of the 21st century with those of the Soviet era. But today there is a wide range of wallpapers for any interior. We had difficulties with the client base, and it took time to introduce the idea to the market with a new vision.

nigar (2).jpg

Features of our sphere are individual taste. Sometimes it is difficult to predict what will be relevant in six months. Statistics are constantly changing.

About the plans

We are preparing a new catalog for release, where new models of photo wallpapers will be presented.

Narmina Zeynalzade, age 25, hometown — Baku, entrepreneur, @company.of.confidence

narmina (2).jpeg

About the beginning

I have been working since I was 17. Since childhood, I have dreamed of creating my own business. When I was in my third year of college, I came up with the idea of a lingerie company. At 21, I became the founder and director of the first official Azerbaijani underwear brand, Confidence.

We promote Azerbaijani production and the Azerbaijani brand

The main and decisive step was to formalize the company officially. We promote Azerbaijani production and the Azerbaijani brand. We are constantly working on increasing orders.

About business

The main mission is to create beautiful and high-quality underwear. The pricing policy is flexible, and every girl can afford a set of underwear from Confidence.

We encourage girls to be confident. The range includes exclusive styles.

narmina (3).jpeg

About features and difficulties

We had doubts about how quickly we could gain the trust of our customers. But we were pleasantly surprised because customers quickly trusted us and were satisfied.

Confidence is trust, confidence, faith, and confidentiality. All these values are suitable for our field of activity.

A team-building is one of the main key points in building a business. We have a great, creative, hard-working team.

About the plans

The main goal is to export and open Confidence boutiques abroad. We have great prospects in the local and foreign markets.

Gullar Pashayeva, age 29, hometown — Baku, Guller Couture Founder, @guller__boutique

gyullyar (1).jpg

About the beginning

I worked in the media sphere for 10 years and successfully headed well-known media projects in Azerbaijan. I was always in the center of events.

But since childhood, I have had a love for design. Others liked my sense of taste, and my friends asked for my advice in choosing clothes.

When I was 25, I created the Guller Boutique brand.

About business

We create individual clothing for young people. I'm not a designer, but I develop many designs personally. The range includes denim art, a limited collection of t-shirts and dresses.

gyullyar (3).jpg

The brand is popular for denim jackets with various prints. We promote Azerbaijani culture, draw Flame Towers or the Karabakh horse on jackets. We want the whole world to know about a beautiful country with a rich history and cultural heritage.

Guller Boutique is a successful project, known in Azerbaijan and abroad. Among our clients are celebrities of Russian and Turkish pop music.

About features and difficulties

You need to have a great desire and faith in yourself to start your own business. People didn't understand what we were doing at first. This project was new for Azerbaijan. Many friends discouraged me from doing business. They thought it was better to have a stable income working for someone.

I don't feel competitive because I do what I love

There were difficulties when artists left us and appropriated ideas for themselves, and then opened similar projects. But I don't feel competitive because I do what I love.

gyullyar (2).jpg

About the plans

We plan to open boutiques in the regions. We are creating another new project.

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