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Writers from the US, Russia and Kazakhstan on the difficulties of the book release and why writing is not a business


Writers from the US, Russia and Kazakhstan on the difficulties of the book release and why writing is not a business

The United States

Vicki Zell, 66 years old, hometown — Savannah, New York, writer


About career choice

I have always loved to write, narrate and create stories. Since childhood, I saw the world differently than the others. This is a special perception of others through self-knowledge in the world. Sounds complicated, but that's how I feel.

I had come a long way before I became a writer. I was the youngest in the family, but we had ten children. We survived the death of the father, poverty, but we have had a wonderful childhood.

For a long time, I could not decide on my place in life, and I was unhappy. And once I just started writing again. Not for the money, fame or recognition, but for myself. It was the best feeling in the world, and I felt alive.

About the profession of a writer in the US

I write in my favourite genres of mysticism and intrigue. I write for myself rather than for the audience. I believe that fiction is a fairy tale about the hidden secrets of our universe.

There are different ways of works distribution in the US. My first four novels I published by myself. Beginners can start from Amazon KDP service — a place where a writer can show their talent, express thoughts, and not be afraid of being rejected. There you can write for yourself, for family or for the sake of money. Most importantly, never pay anyone to publish your work. If your work is worthwhile, be sure someone will notice.

If your work is worthwhile, be sure someone will notice

I think in the US a lot of writers genuinely enjoy their work and do not care about how much they earn.

About working conditions

Writing is difficult and lonely. This work takes a lot of time and you from family and friends. You will get a lot of criticism and misunderstanding of your passion.

There is a pure and unadulterated joy after you finish work. This is your story, the special world created by you. You have overcome all difficulties and finished work whether it will be successful or not. It is a reason to be proud of yourself.

There are many opportunities for beginning writers in the US. With the era of the Internet, it has become much easier to write and search. You have to be in constant search of new opportunities. If you seek for wealth and fame, then find a good agent who will believe in your talent and works.

About plans

I found my favourite work and will continue to do it. I feel comfortable in writing as it is my unique world.


Igor Pereverzev, 35 years old, hometown — Krasnodar, writer


About career choice

Nothing can inspire you to become a writer. Inspiration to write a text can come and the reason can be anything from a beautiful woman to the bright sun.

Before becoming a writer I changed workplaces as gloves, stayed no more than four months. I raised my son, played basketball, lived a normal life. But I loved to read since childhood. Probably, this is the most important thing for everyone who writes.

One day I decided to write to my brother something like a postcard, but a few hours later I wrote several A4 sheets. I enjoyed writing. The next day my brother secretly confessed that he even shed a tear. That is how it all started.

I started to write selling texts and started copywriting. Then I even wrote the book «How to turn letters into money» — a guide for all who are interested in this topic. This small work still successful on the Internet to this day.

I have tried everything possible in the field of text creation from review articles and interviews to journalism. I was admitted to the International Writers Association in 2014, where I published my first novels «The Story of Andrei Petrov» and «Strange people». Both of these novels are selling in the Litres store. I also wrote several interviews and articles in the country's largest literary magazine «The Russian bell».

About the profession of a writer in Russia

Writing a book is a difficult task, but publishing it is even more difficult.


Every author who has created a serious text or book thinks his work is a masterpiece and it would not be a problem to publish. The best proof of it is resources like Proza.ru. There hundreds and thousands of authors post their poems, prose for a simple reason: it is the easiest and fastest thing you can do after writing a book.

Writing a book is a difficult task, but publishing it is even more difficult

In addition, you can send work to major publishers, such as EKSMO or AST. And then wait for a response within six months. That your work will appeal to editors of such publishers, and you will be offered a real contract is rare. And probably you will have to publish books at your own expense. Therefore, you are obliged to promote your name and your own work through reviews, articles, interviews.

I did it and do not know exactly how much time and money I spent on it. But I have never regretted because I like it.

About working conditions

The process of creating a book is individual. Just sit down and write, do not think where ideas come from and how to write books.

There will be difficulties, but all of it will be forgotten after you finish work. There will be only a pleasant satisfaction.

The publication of the book in paid publishers will cost about 120 000 — 150 000 rubles.

My first edition was 5,000 copies and remains the same to this day. All sales tend to the Internet and in electronic stores no such concepts as circulation.

As a writer hard to make a lot of money. I earned 20,000 rubles on one article and wrote it only in a few hours. But so happened that I paid even more for a simple opportunity to publish somewhere.

If you are a popular author and your work was subsequently filmed, then your work can be well paid. These could be contracts worth several million rubles.

About plans

I will finish my next novel soon. And plan to continue writing articles and interviews. I had an idea to do something like a talk show on YouTube with my friends and other interesting people.


Alexander Vervekin, 33 years old, hometown — Pavlodar, journalist, writer


About career choice

In my youth, I wrote poetry, tried a little prose. After the ninth grade, when I visited Europe, I began to write travel notes, wrote three thick notebooks. I was advised to enter the faculty of journalism.

For a long time, I worked as a journalist. In 2011, I went to Berlin for an internship and brought back an essay, which became the basis of my book — «Berlin journalist internship». This is my first self-written book.

My inspiration is travels, new people, adventures, traditions.

About the profession of a writer in Kazakhstan

I am familiar with several writers who publish their books at the expense of sponsors without own investments. I spent 400,000 tenge on the publication, and 100,000 tenge were allocated by the sponsor. For now, my book was published in one edition of 500 copies, and part of the circulation is selling in Meloman stores.

At first, with the head of the Press House in Pavlodar, we discussed how to publish all the material. Then I sent the document version of the book that I had chosen for printing to the workers of the printing house. They began to make up a book. I had two versions of the book title and received several versions of the covers. After I read a book and with a pen searched for mistakes. Showed version of the book to my mentor. After that, I wrote an application, my order started to perform and two days later I had the entire circulation at home.

If you want to publish a book, then contact the printing house or publishing houses which will help you.

About working conditions

Writing a book is an incredible work that requires concentration and full dedication.

I write in the genre of non-fiction works based on real life, without fiction. In writing a book in this genre the main thing is to find information. Find the right story, work it out, make it into the logic of the book. In fact, during the process, you write five different from each other books. You start one, then rewrite, read, correct, rewrite again, and so on several times.


Next, you show the text to friends or mentors who point out some mistakes and inconsistencies. And again come the period of processing information and writing another version of the book. All this mechanical and painstaking work requires a lot of effort and patience.

Therefore, an important quality for the writer is assiduity, to get the work done.

Every year for writers it is hard to come up with something new and unique, and every creator wants to bring something unusual.

An important quality for the writer is assiduity, to get the work done

Writing does not feed me. The level of sales is different. In one day 16 books were sold, and in 7 days of March — 3 books. Impossible to live in this. Maybe if I would hire a PR agent to promote the book, we could have to sell 300 books in six months. In this case, some benefit is possible.

I get 1500 tenge from each book. If I sell 10 books a month on average, I will get 15,000 tenge. It can be not providing my family.

Therefore, many writers are publishing not for the sake of profit, but in order to leave their mark on history, to achieve certain self-realization.

About plans

I want to print my travel notes, essays, notes in notebooks and dictaphones, which were waiting for the moment. I plan to write two books. The first will be about how people of different nationalities stood up for each other in different situations, in different eras and countries. The second will be about the catastrophes of Pavlodar region, which were many in history.

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