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Recommend an inspiring person

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Working at IKEA: free lunches, gifts and communication on equal with the chiefs


Working at IKEA: free lunches, gifts and communication on equal with the chiefs

Ivan Balashov, 22 years old, hometown — Karaganda, customer service specialist


About employment

I came for work to IKEA during studying at the University. In Novosibirsk, we often went to the store to see beautiful and interesting things, the interior. I liked the Scandinavian design. Everything in the stores is convenient, the customer sees all the products and arrangement. That is how sales are increasing because the customer can imagine everything around as well as own house. You have to pass the whole store to get to the cash desk. The buyer feels free here, can open and touches everything.

Then it seemed for me a big responsibility to monitor everything, many important nuances which the consultant explains to the customer. I decided to apply and get a job. I had a part-time position, a year later I got a full-time job.

About work and responsibilities


The team in IKEA is friendly, everyone communicates with each other, there is no strict subordination.

There are several departments, and I am responsible for sales. There is also a department with a restaurant and a dining room for the staff. We have separate tables and menus. Therefore, during the lunchtime, we all meet and communicate with different departments. As everywhere, there are awards for the best employee, roll of honour. Discounts for employees are allocated.

We have to wear the uniform. There are not so many employees in the salesroom, because the client can see everything himself. The working day starts early in the morning and ends late in the evening. We have a system that monitors delays and gaps.

About plans

I like we are taught how to communicate with customers, to establish relationships with colleagues.

Here everyone cares about each other, and you feel important.

Events are held for the team building. All employees regardless of age smiling and joking around. Nothing here is bothering me. I have prospects in my future career and will be glad to work here.

Alexander Kovalev, 28 years old, city — Berlin, chef


About employment

Work in IKEA is a dream job. I joined the team as a chef. I picked a place randomly, saw an ad for recruitment. I passed an interview and was surprised by the conditions provided by the company. They do everything for the team. They like to reward employees, maintain balance. Initially, I took training that lasted two months. We were explained about the advantages of work in the company and the responsibilities of each person.

About work and responsibilities

I have a non-standard work schedule, and it is important to work as many hours as possible, then the salary will be higher. We cook traditional Swedish cuisine. All products are mandatory certificates. We are responsible for every dish.


Here you will always receive a gift for Christmas and other holidays.

There are separate quotas for food. Employees are obligated to have insurance. Culture and values are important in such an international company. I do not see any disadvantages in the work if only a long and tedious schedule. It is important to be flexible and stress-resistant because you are in contact with a large number of people. Inside the company, there is a rule that with good bonuses you can move to another position — from marketing to logistics, from HR to sales.

About plans

I'm planning to move to another city to work. This can be done by special arrangement within the company, so there will be no problems with moving. IKEA will always be a developing company because the furniture is constantly needed, but not everyone makes it qualitative.

Alina Klein, 22 years old, hometown — St.Petersburg, Helsinki, cashier in the salesroom


About employment

My family moved to Helsinki, and at that time I was a student looking for a part-time job. For me, IKEA was a perfect option due to the possibility of combining the University's schedule and hourly work in the company. After the internship I started working, the probation period lasted less than a month.

I was inspired by the atmosphere, the staff of IKEA because everything is restrained, but with the soul.

Everyone will be curious about your work, whether you are doing fine or whether you need help. I like that in IKEA people realizes their dreams, every detail, furniture, a product are made with a special approach. And it is felt by both — customers and sellers during the work.

We also have a discount on furniture.

About work and responsibilities

Our main focus is on honesty and open work. I can serve up to a hundred people a day and think of each customer as about a friend who has to come back. We work long and hard, but I'm interested in it. Although my tasks are monotonous and repetitive day-to-day as in other workplaces. Here I can work in different positions, gain a lot of experience.


On the agenda may be the question of expanding or opening a new network in the city, then we are discussing it with the whole team. The voice of each person is important.

We have to exceed the customer's needs and give only the best what is unexpected.

In the team, it is important to be yourself and communicate on to equal with the chiefs. This is only welcomed, but do not cross the line.


About plans

Within a year and a half, I have achieved great results. I believe my work is important for many people. Therefore, I do not plan to transfer to another company or change my position.

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