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Winemakers in Italy about how to produce wine from generation to generation


Winemakers in Italy about how to produce wine from generation to generation

Ettore del Lupo, 45 years old, hometown — Vasto, Italy, production manager, wine consultant

Ettoro del Lupo.jpg

About career choice

I studied agronomy at the Università Politecnica Delle Marche in Ancona. During work on my experimental dissertation on mycorrhizal infection on vine roots, I fell in love with viticulture and oenology. After graduation in 2004, I entered the magistracy where studied the management of viticulture and oenological system.

I work as a wine consultant and production manager. I perform all the important steps during the wine operations, work with two companies, and with one of them we had excellent results.

About winemaking in Italy

Italy is a unique country in terms of viticulture. Different conditions for different grape varieties: the mountains with cool temperatures, coast with the mild climate and tropical islands. Each region able to produce the best wine.

In Italy, more varieties of wine than in the rest of the world is a great advantage that makes our wines famous.

About working conditions

In Italy, there are free winemakers, assistants, winemakers working only for a small number of young and experienced winemakers and large companies.

If you want to become a winemaker, you have to love this business, participate in the harvest, not to be afraid make hands dirty. You need to feel the power of young grapes and know at what time to harvest, and when to prepare young wine. In the wine business difficult working conditions. Big experience in the field is needed to settle in Italy, but many companies do not give such opportunity to young professionals. The only way out is to get experience abroad. I love sharing knowledge and learning new cultures. I have worked in Jordan, Chile, the Middle East, California and India.

Wine consultants earnings depend on the abilities. Many highly qualified consultants who work with 20 or more companies can make a fortune.

About plans

I want to establish myself in Italy and make a lot of good wine that will be recognized worldwide.

Michele Fagiolo, 41 years old, hometown — Corno di Rosazzo, winemaker, freelancer

Michele Bean.jpeg

About career choice

I was born in Friuli, Venice-Julia. This corner of Italy shrinks between the Adriatic sea, the Alps, Austria and Slovenia. The winemaking here normally considered as a profession. Everyone makes wine from generation to generation, including my family.

My family is a group of teachers, agronomists, designers, traders. And as a winemaker, I combine all these skills. Because wine is communication, language, fashion, traditions, expression of philosophy, psychology, good taste, health, nature, technology.

About winemaking in Italy

Italy is the largest wine producer in the world. There are almost 3,000 varieties of local wine. And about 265 000 wineries, what roughly means one manufacturer for 223 people. In Italy and France was developed the basic technology of winemaking and held a lot of modern researchers.

About working conditions

Beginners find it hard to work in this field. Many years of work are needed to get a good position.

Working hours can be different, depending on your specialization. If you work as a contract winemaker, it is from 200 to 360 hours per month, about 12 hours a day.

Independent winemakers, like me, are not able to accurately organise work schedule. For example, I have to travel a lot, and the time for a flight or trip is also considered as working. The company pays for flights, accommodation. I also participate in various conferences, visit the production, so work 300 hours a month for the winemaker is normal.

Wages will also vary, as the winery worker depends on the winery and the position of the winemaker. You can start from 1,500 euros per month to 3,500 euros. For the wine consultant, there are no special restrictions, and 1000-2000 euros or more for one hectare is real. All depends on the level of production, quality and quantity of work.

My company Vinomancino takes care of wineries that have gone in the wrong direction or want to refresh their brand. We specialise on wineries reboot. This is a difficult job, as we have to reorganize enterprises and companies.

I always keep track of what resources the client has and how to optimize them. Wineries is not a fashionable toy, but real estate, which works and makes a profit.

About plans

I am actively expanding my activities abroad and want to travel as many countries as possible. I am a co-owner of Sirio Anfore brand and I want to continue working on our projects.

Mauro Manzone, 33 years old, hometown — Monforte d'Alba, a winemaker in Manzone company


About career choice

Since childhood, I was fascinated by nature and winemaking. I grew up on a family estate and was close with nature and vineyards. My passion for winemaking led me to the historical oenological school of Alba, where I studied for six years.

About winemaking in Italy

Italy is a complex country that has a young history of a united country. We have a great potential in winemaking because each region has its own history and culture, many local grape varieties.

7,200 hectares of vineyards, cultivated from 10,000 estates, and 13,000 wine cellars this is an impressive figure. It shows the active prosperity of winemaking in Italy.

About working conditions

Being a winemaker is difficult, you have to work manually in the open area. In winter it is cold but necessary to be engaged in the pruning of bushes and during hot summer necessary to collect a green crop. In addition, different handmade work in the vineyards.

Work takes about 45-55 hours a week. But other winemakers work time may vary depending on the amount of production.

My responsibilities include vinification, commercial side, degustation in our tasting room, bottling and labelling. And that's just a small part of my job.

Wages depend on the crop and other factors. But in a month I get about 1500-2500 euros.

About plans

We export some wines to Astana, and in the future, I hope to visit Kazakhstan and establish more stable supplies.

Roberto Valletti, 33 years old, hometown — Dogliani, winemake


About career choice

My family owns a company that grows grapes and produces wine, so I was practically born in the vineyard. It became my passion and then my profession.

I studied at College, and University for 11 years, studied viticulture and oenology. I have worked in the wine industry in Italy, USA, Australia and France for ten years.

About winemaking in Italy

There are many types of wine in Italy, and it is convenient to produce wine from the local variables for each region to achieve the highest quality. Better to produce a wine that can be appreciated by those who drink it for a long time, and then give the happiness to others who are untempted by wine.

About working conditions

I am responsible for producing the best grapes and the wine of high quality for bottling.

In Italy good working conditions. Work in contact with nature in a beautiful environment. We usually work 40 hours a week, but during the harvest, we can work 12-13 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are periods with more workloads and periods when you work less.

In wine-growing areas easy to find a job, because, in addition to vineyards and wine cellars, there are also laboratories and offices working for services related to wine and tourism. The main thing is to be ready to work and have a great desire to learn and investigate the world of wine.

My city offers many opportunities for the development of wine production because located in lang. One of the most famous wine regions in the world.

About plans

I plan to develop our wine production and expand supplies abroad.

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