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Where to eat Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Uzbek Cuisines — 22 Restaurants in Central Asia


Where to eat Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Uzbek Cuisines — 22 Restaurants in Central Asia

To get better acquainted with the culture of Central Asia, you should definitely try the local cuisine. Beshbarmak, manti, pilaf, lagman and more are on our list of restaurants worth visiting.


Restaurant Tarih, @tarih.restaurant


Restaurant of modern Kazakh cuisine in Almaty. The founders of the institution were inspired by history and traditions. Therefore, national dishes are prepared here using modern technologies. You can try beshbarmak, kazy, beef tongue pastrami.

Restaurant Sandyk, @sandyq_restaurant


Sandyk is a famous restaurant of Kazakh national cuisine in Shymkent, Turkestan and Almaty. The interior of the establishment, unique household items, staff clothes — everything immerses you in Kazakh culture. And the menu includes dishes prepared according to old recipes of Kazakh cuisine.

Restaurant Abay, @abay_koktobe


The institution is located at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level. Here you can taste Kazakh national cuisine and enjoy a beautiful view of Almaty from the slope of Mount Kok-Tobe. The interior is made with elements of national color.

Restaurant Mura, @mura.restaurant.kz


Another restaurant in Almaty, in which elements of the life of the Kazakh people were found. In the menu you can find bruschetta with kazy, homemade kurt, khasip and much more. The dish is complemented by red and white wines.

Restaurant Arnau, @satgrouprest


The concept of the restaurant in Astana is built around the Kazakh national cuisine. The interior is filled with national motifs, the atmosphere is complemented by live music of artists with folk instruments. You can also order Kazakh wine here.

Cafe Tselinnikov, @cafe_tselinnikov


The capital's cafe Tselinnikov serves not only Georgian dishes, but also Kazakh national ones. The interior is made in the Soviet style. The menu includes: kazy, shuzhyk, sur et, bauyrsak and more.

Qazaq Gourmet, @qazaq.gourmet

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Stylish restaurant in Astana. Here you can feel the atmosphere of Kazakh culture. A wide list of national dishes is presented.

Vechnoe nebo, @vechnoe.nebo.astana


Eternal Sky is a panoramic restaurant in the capital. The menu includes dishes from the cuisines of nine Turkic-speaking peoples. And from the windows you can watch a magnificent view of the city.


Teahouse NAVAT, @navat_kg


NAVAT — is restaurant chain in Kyrgyzstan. Works in Bishkek and Osh. There are also branches in Kazakhstan: in Almaty, Astana and Shymkent. A popular place for a large company that wants to try the national food of the eastern peoples

Ethnocomplex Supara, @supara_kg


The ethno-complex offers restaurant visitors a menu with national dishes. The place is suitable for national holidays. And tourists can get acquainted with the culture of the country here.

Restaurant Pishpek, @pishpek_restaurant


A unique restaurant in Bishkek, where centuries-old traditions are embodied. The design is made in the national style. The institution offers the cuisine of Central Asian and European countries. A unique institution in Bishkek, where centuries-old traditions have found their embodiment. The design is made in the national style. The institution offers cuisine of Central Asian and European countries.

Ethno Restaurant Nakta, @nakta_restaurant


Restaurant of modern Kyrgyz cuisine in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. In the institution you can order a buffet in the national format. There are also VIP rooms with karaoke. And most importantly — ethnic dishes in the author's presentation.

Restaurant Frunze, @frunze_restaurant


Another institution in the center of Bishkek. A unique restaurant where molecular cuisine technologies are applied. The menu combines traditional cuisine with a modern twist.

Кафе Faiza, faiza.kg

Famous cafe of oriental cuisine in Bishkek. Works for over 20 years. Guests note the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Both students and families or businesspeople like to come here.


Restaurant Golubie Kupola @golubiekupola


The Blue Domes restaurant is over 50 years old. Important events, business dinners and marriage proposals are often held here.

Restaurant Afsona, @afsona_restaurant


Bright and stylish institution of national cuisine. The interior and dishes are made in Uzbek colors and elements. At the same time, the ethnic coloring is adapted to the present.

Restaurant Caravan, @caravan_group


A well-known Uzbek restaurant in Tashkent, where famous guests often come. The institution has an unusual, ancient interior and delicious dishes of national cuisine.

Restaurant SalSal, @salsalgroup


A colorful establishment with Uzbek hospitality. Here you can try national dishes in a modern way. There is even a vegetarian option on the menu.

Restaurant Aksu, @aksu.uz


Modern restaurant of national cuisine in Tashkent. Here you can try branded beshbarmak, chuchvarabesh and even vegetarian beshbarmak.

Restaurant Sultan Saray, @sultan_saray_family_restaurant


A lot of original dishes of national Uzbek and oriental cuisines in a beautiful presentation. Great place to get together for a family dinner.

Restaurant Khan Chapan, @khan.chapan


The menu includes Khan's beshbarmak, an oriental version of caprese salad, sugar bones on coals, Ottoman barbecue and much more. An institution where, in addition to original dishes, guests can enjoy an extensive show program.

Café 1991, @cafe_1991


An institution with oriental hospitality, where you will find a wide variety of dishes, beautiful presentation and an unusual interior.

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