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Top-10 must-see landscapes of Kazakhstan


Top-10 must-see landscapes of Kazakhstan

Our partner the national tourist portal Kazakhstan.travel prepared a dozen unique places in Kazakhstan like from the paintings of great artists. Here you can make stunning and beautiful photos. So if you have any camera, it definitely will work all the way.

We sure not every tourist travelling in Kazakhstan or local knows about the beauty of nature and the amazing diversity of local places. Many wouldn't be able to name at least a few attractions of our large country. It will take many years to deeply explore every corner of our country without crossing the border. Here you can find entertainment of all six continents: travel to historical sites and the remains of ancient civilizations, exciting rally in the desert and sand dunes, snow skiing in international alpine resorts or hiking in the mountains in the summer. All of it with incredibly picturesque views that will impress even very critical tourists.

Kaindy Lake

Photos can't transmit one-tenth of the impressions from the real beauty of the lake. Kaindy Lake is one of the youngest natural lakes in Kazakhstan. The lake was formed only 100 years ago, when a huge landslide that came down in 1910, blocked the gorge. Crystal clear spring water gradually filled this reservoir and flood growing softwood. Surprisingly, tree branches are kept alive under water! And trunks became completely bare above the surface and lonely stick like peaks. People call them the Guardians. The water here is deep blue and often changes colour from the emerald to cerulean blue. However, through the crystal clear water, you can see the underwater world of Kaindy Lake.


Need to know: the lake is 288 km away from Almaty, near Saty Village. To be more precise, the last 12 kilometres from the village to the lake you have to get over rough terrain. Be ready to pay an environmental fee, as the Kaindy and the adjacent birch grove has been the part of National Park since 2007. The water temperature is not more than +6 °C, but the air is usually kept at a favourable mark of +23 °C. There is developed tourist infrastructure, so you can go on a tour of the lake, without thinking about the choice of overnight and transport.


Borovoe is great because all its beauty can be admired from a bird's-eye view without the help of birds or a personal helicopter. You just need to climb to Bolektau mountain and admire the view from the wonderful observation desk with a height of 147 meters. It offers stunning views of all the natural attractions of the region: Borovoe and Big Chebachye lakes, Zhumbaktas rock, Okzhetpes and Blue Bay mountains. The amazing view makes you even forget for a second where you at.

Here you can find everything for a wonderful holiday: lake with clean cool water for beach lovers, a sanatorium with SPA-services and massage, horseback riding and climbing famous Bolektau and Okzhetpes mountains, hiking for mushrooms and berries for outdoor activities.

Information on how to make the best photos.


Need to know: if you are going to climb to Bolektau mountain on your own, you need to know a few things. Don’t be afraid to go to the mountain by car, because at the foot there are several parking lots: paid and free. Directions can be asked from any local or search at the map. Take care of comfortable shoes and closed clothes. Beware of climbing after rain or during changeable weather because the mountain becomes dangerous.

Boszhira: land of the moon on the Earth

On the Internet, you can find many incredibly beautiful photos of this place. Tourists from all over the world come to see and touch the miracle of the local harsh nature.

A very long time ago Ustyurt plateau was completely covered with water of an ancient ocean Thatis that existed more than ten million years ago. But under the influence of climate and relief changes ocean retreated, eroding soft limestone with huge waves. The wind and the sun finished the work and made the towers, castles, sharp spikes, long canyons and even a yurt from the limestone.


Need to know: Boszhira Valley located 300 km away from Aktau City. There two ways to get there: on the off-roader because of the impassibility of roads on the base of the canyon. The second is to use the services of travel companies and go on a tour of Mangystau, visit underground mosques of Shopan Ata and Beket Ata, and safari on the sands of Tuyes. However, be ready that tour costs 100 thousand tenge for 3-4 people.

Rakhmanov Springs

The heart of the Altai Mountains, almost 2000 meters above sea level, stunning views of Beluga, cascade waterfall Arasan, hot springs in the open air — isn't it a paradise on earth? You need to come here to admire such beauty! Here you can enjoy breathtaking views of carefully protected and untouched nature, while setting up your own health, restoring the vital resources of the body. In addition, local radon sources have such a balanced composition that they are good almost for everyone, and the temperature difference from 24 °C and above may cure different types of diseases.


Need to know: It is difficult to get to the resort area or sanatorium without a car. If you go to the sanatorium, maybe, it will provide a personal bus, and this option is the most convenient. In addition to medical procedures, you can enjoy outdoor activities: climb the mountains, admire the waterfalls, ride a horse, skiing and snowboarding in winter.

Korgalzhyn Lakes

A pink flamingo in Kazakhstan is an unexpected phenomenon, which can be seen on the territory of the Korgalzhyn reserve. In addition to these wonderful birds, hundreds of species of other birds live here, as two migration routes cross here: Central Asian and Siberian-South European. Here especially beautiful in April when the surface of the lakes is covered with a carpet of schrenck's tulips, listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. The most interesting thing is the salinity of Teniz Lake and contrary fresh lake Korgalzhyn. You can take photos in the spirit of National Geographic: rich, original and glowing with the beauty of untouched nature.


Need to know: To enter a Park, you need a special permit or forwarding by an employee. It is convenient to use the services of the organizers of eco-routes from May to October and go on a trip either by car or bus. If you are travelling independently, do not forget car advice because steppe roads are extremely dusty, sometimes rocky and blurred. Eco gathering is about 300 tenge, guide services around 15,000 tenge.

Multi-coloured Aktau Mountains and the famous singing sand dunes

The pearl of the National Altyn-Emel Park — colourful mountains under the name Aktau. From the Kazakh language, Aktau translated as a white mountain, but the landscape is white only from afar. The closer you are, the brighter and more unusual colour is, and a variety of bizarre shapes and placers of sparkling calcite crystals fully complete this stunning picture.

But that's not all. Aktau is a pearl, but Accum-Kalkan (singing sand dune) is brilliant. It enters TOP-7 new wonders of nature because of the singing. The slightest wind ripping off the top of the dune sand is reminiscent of organ music. Amazing photos can be made here against the setting sun.


Need to know: you can get on your own only by car because the normal road goes only till Nurum and Aktobe villages, and after the usual steppe and extremely dusty road. Be prepared for sand and dust everywhere. It is better to get to the singing dune as part of a guided tour, as it will include all the costs for the road, guide, food.

Sacred three-headed mountain Altai — Belukha. View to Belukha Mountain from Kara-Turek pass

Belukha is a residence of Umai goddess, the place of cosmic energy, a snow-white witness of the past and guarantor of the future — all the epithets of highest Altai Mountain. The best views open from the head of the Katun River with wonderful moraine lake nearby, which reflected the top of Belukha. Also, a little further from Belukha located Obzornaya mountain, with a small lake at the mountain base. The view from here is very picturesque and classic: mountains, snow, crystal clear water. Also, you can get to Kokkolsky waterfall and enjoy the view of the falling raging jets and capture the sparkling sugar peaks of Belukha.


Need to know: do not go to the mountains on your own, if you are not a professional climber and do not know places. Do not find difficulties because there are lots of wonderfully organized routes, specially made to show tourists all the most picturesque places and make great photos.

Charyn Canyon

In the spurs of the Tien Shan located one of the wonderful creations of nature — Charyn Canyon, composed of sedimentary rocks, with age of 12 million years. Charyn Canyon considered the second longest and largest canyon in the world. But the beauty may compete with the Grand Canyon. For thousands of years, wind, water and earth sculpted here wonderful stone statues, cut through caves and gorges, by making the canyon as it is now. Photos from any part of the canyon are great, but the most impressive photos can be made at the bottom of the canyon.


Need to know: it is better to visit Charyn in spring or autumn because of the pleasant weather. You can get here by car and bus from Almaty or sightseeing cars. The most popular weekend tours: you will see the best viewing spots and the legendary, relict Ashen Grove. There are only two of them in the world!

Kolsay Lakes

Kolsay lakes — like a necklace of lapis lazuli, beautifully adorned by northern slopes of the majestic Tien Shan. There are only three lakes: Lower, Middle and Upper Kolsay. The first is the coldest and located in the depths of the gorge. Middle Kolsay is the most beautiful and the largest, with its incredibly picturesque banks and alpine flowers, framed by pine-covered peaks. The third is small but cosy. The lower lake is hidden from the outside world under the protection of rocks. Photos on any of lakes are stunning and always different: the water often changes colour from azure to malachite.


Need to know: by car you can get only to the first lake, and you will have to pay for the entrance to the territory and the environmental fee: 200 tenge from the car and 650 tenge per person. Then you can climb on foot to the second lake, and the view will make you forget about all the difficulties. Nearby there is a hotel on the shore of the lake, where you can comfortably settle. Or you can save money and spend the night in cosy houses in Saty Village. Or even pitch a tent near one of the lakes, it will cost only 500 tenge.

Salt Inder Lake

Lake in which you can not drown, located 180 km away from Atyrau City and called Inder. The lake is fed by powerful underground keys from the depths of high-quality salt: potassium, bromine, boron, table salt, iodine and magnesium. Do we have to mention, how useful it is to take mud baths here and wash skin with this water? Local residents have noted the beneficial effect of salt water on the skin and the body as a whole — all toxins are drawn out, even the slightest wounds are disinfected, skin diseases are cured.


Need to know: you can get there on your own or as part of the health tour, offered by local entrepreneurs. On the shore, there are tents and everything you need to relax after a mud bath and bathing. Keep in mind that it is better not to stay in the mud more than 20 minutes to prevent oversaturation of salts and dry skin.

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