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Three stories of businessmen from Turkey, who opened the business in Astana


Three stories of businessmen from Turkey, who opened the business in Astana

Osman Yaraly, 37 years old, hometown — Istanbul, co-owner of Turkish furniture company Istanbul mobilya


About work

My career began at the age of 12, as a boy, after school, I was running to the shop next door and worked as a master's assistant. The first two years I was not allowed to produce, I brought tea, cleaned the shop. After two years, the senior master was able to entrust me with a small part of the work. At lunchtime, when everyone was leaving, I stayed and continued the work, honed my skills. After 4 years I was entrusted with the production of the sofa, at 16-17 years I was the chief master. I have given many years to the furniture business.

My work experience is 25 years.

About moving to Astana

The first time I came to Astana in June 2010. I heard about Kazakhstan as a young and promising country, but there was no thought to stay and work here. In Astana, I met my future wife, and she determined my future life. She was studying at the university and could not move to me in Turkey. At that time I had my own shop of upholstered furniture production in Istanbul, which I closed. I packed my suitcase and set out to face new life and love.


About how it all began

At first, I was looking for a job in Astana by profession, but the search was fruitless because there were no such companies in Astana. My wife Asiya and I started to think what we can do, what niche to occupy. The ideas were different, ranging from catering to retail. After analyzing the Kazakh market, we realized that there are not enough companies for the production of exclusive quality upholstered furniture to order. Moreover, there is nothing better when you love your work, and you know it from A to Z.

We started from scratch. I had small savings, we took a loan, bought the first equipment, rented a room and started work. The first time was not easy because of the language barrier, unknown market, lack of raw materials and materials for upholstered furniture. I'm doing all the production part, Asia is engaged in search of orders, contractual basis, promotion on the Internet.

The key to our success is the quality of upholstered furniture and timely execution of work. Turkish furniture is appreciated all over the world as well as Italian furniture. Turkey and Italy are the main furniture production countries. In this case, no country is ahead of them.

About furniture manufactory


The feature of our furniture shop that we make upholstered furniture manually according to sketches of customers and designers, we embody their dreams and creativity in reality. The Kazakh buyer loves and appreciates Turkish furniture for its beauty, quality and comfort. Our company has large projects of famous restaurants, cafes, banks, fitness clubs, public institutions, hospitals, private houses, residences, and not only Astana but also the whole Kazakhstan. For seven years we have been making Kazakhstanis happier, and we see how their eyes light up by looking at our upholstered furniture.

Fahri Guclu, 60 years old, hometown — Razgrad, Bulgaria and Istanbul, Turkey, business partner of "Yesil-stroy"


About work

My business is a continuation of my education, I am an electrical engineer. I have 35 years of experience in construction. My work is related to engineering, electrical and mechanical structures.

About moving to Astana

My first acquaintance with Kazakhstan was in 1991 when we were building a plant in Zhezkazgan with our American colleagues. After that, I came to Kazakhstan many times until 2005 for a shorter period. And, since 2005, we have constantly participated in the construction of the most important facilities.

I stayed in Kazakhstan because it is a developing country. I am a builder, and Kazakhstan is being built, so it is possible for me to realize myself in this country. I was attracted by the local dynamics, it is easier to develop business here. Also, local firms are developing and gaining experience. We exchange experiences, due to this more beneficial cooperation turns out. If we proceed from the dilemma of quantity or quality, at the moment Kazakhstan is at the stage of transition from quantity to quality. I do not know how it can be seen by ordinary people, but from our point of view, it is already noticeable.

Another important factor for me as a Turkish is that our mentality and cultures are almost the same. Due to its work together much easier, issues are resolving faster.

About projects

The first projects of our company it is the children's hospital, neurosurgery centre, then shopping centre Saryarka. After that, we built a shopping centre Khan Shatyr, one of the symbols of Kazakhstan. This is a unique object, from the engineer's point of view it is a difficult job. Among our projects are a media centre, Library of the First President, railway station Nurly Zhol, which is also a unique architectural object and awarded international prizes. There were many other facilities in the field of health, sports and, of course, EXPO.

About the experience exchanges and plans

According to world statistics, American construction companies are number one, and Chinese and Turkish builders share the second place. We can not look at construction only as a profession, construction is a culture. Construction can be created not for years and decades, but only for generations. Because experience is important. We often talk about continuity, and the very understanding of continuity began with our local colleagues.

We try to develop business in different directions. And we want to transfer the experience of Turkey to Kazakhstan, and ready-made complex technological solutions. The global trend is renewable electricity, and wind energy is the best option for Kazakhstan. I, as an electrician, believe that it is too early for solar energy in Kazakhstan, it is necessary to wait for the world experience. And it is necessary to develop useful ideas in the field of utilities, electricity and urban lighting.

Sertac Naiman, 40 years old, hometown — Corum, Turkey, director of Bronzdesign showroom


About himself

I live in Kazakhstan for 13 years, and to live here with my surname at the same time fun and interesting, all pay attention and wonder. Initially, I came as a guest employee of one of the major Turkish companies, worked as an architect in Almaty, Astana and other cities for several years. Over the years, I married and became the father of a wonderful son. And for five years I have my own business in Kazakhstan.

I got to Kazakhstan by accident. I was young and easy-going, I was asked by the chief If I want to go to Kazakhstan, I answered without hesitating: "I want to go, but where is it?" When time to decide came whether to return home or stay in Kazakhstan, I realized that I like here, I'm used to the mentality and rhythm of life, my family is comfortable here, and I decided to start a business.

About how it all began

Initially, our partners and I were engaged in facade works, their insulation and waterproofing, but then our paths diverged. Now facades are also one of the components of my activity, but at the beginning of the year was born my current child is the company Bronzdesign. A few years ago, we collaborated with the Rixos Khadisha Shymkent hotel on the production of railings, tables and some other elements of metal decor.

About Turkish products

In Turkey, it is fashionable to equip the interior in the classics, neo-classics, in the modern version of the Ottoman style, and furniture and decorative elements made of bronze, brass and other metals is a great addition to it.

When I decided to bring this product to the market of Astana, I immediately decided to open a showroom. Because I knew about the peculiarities of the local mentality, understood that a potential buyer needs to touch the product, get acquainted with the products, see it live. The possibility to touch the product makes a customer more confident.

The advantage of Turkish products is that they combine the best price and high-quality metal and workmanship. By the quality, it can easily compete with the products of European manufacturers, and not inferior to them.


About showroom

The official opening of the showroom Bronzdesign in Astana was held recently in may of this year. But, now we already have the first customers, one finished and several objects which are in work. So far, they are all in Astana, but in the future, we plan to enter the market of Almaty, Shymkent and other major cities. Perhaps in the future, we will introduce our products to other CIS countries.

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