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Organic wine, apples and blankets — How to revive traditional production in Almaty


Organic wine, apples and blankets — How to revive traditional production in Almaty

Ernar Bali, 34 years old, hometown — Almaty, Director of brand development of organic wine Chateau Karakemer

About the company

Studying in London, in the stores, I often noticed natural products, which cost much more expensive. This prompted the idea to open own organic production in Kazakhstan.

Brand of organic wine Chateau Karakemer opened in 2002 in the village of Karakemer. In 2003, we delivered 100,000 seedlings of red grapes of four varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Fer-Servadou from the South of France, Languedoc area.

We started our business together with a foreign partner — Suolo e Salute — an Italian company for the production and certification of organic wine. At that time we were one of the first who was engaged in organic production.

We have our own vineyards and winery, so the entire cycle of production and processing is carried out without outside participation. The permanent staff consists of 10-12 people, and during the seasonal harvest — 30-35 employees.

About the peculiarities of the business

Almaty region in Soviet times had an impressive number of vineyards of different varieties, but under the dry law, they were massively eradicated. Our company is one of the few in Kazakhstan engaged in the revival of viticulture.

We offer excellent quality organic domestic wine at affordable prices compared to other imported analogues. Our product has an international certificate of organic production and quality control.

Winemaking is a promising business, created for a long period

Winemaking is a promising business, created for a long period. In this sphere impossible to make a profit in the first year because of many nuances.

About Almaty

Almaty is a cultural, dynamic, modern city. It's the first city in Kazakhstan where was built the subway, Kok-Tobe cable car and the famous TV tower. The city constantly updated, the appearance is changing for the better.

Favourite places are street coffee shops, squares, and mountains where you can go even on weekdays. I like to walk in the Botanical Park, just walk through the streets of the old city.

Almaty residents are advanced people, busy and at the same time able to properly distribute the rest and work to enjoy.

Almaty residents charged with a positive attitude, despite the difficulties and great competition. Every Almaty citizen associated with the inhabitants of the world capitals.

About the plans

In addition to the wine business in the future, I would like to develop some more areas — ecotourism and production of author or craft drinks based on grape juice. We also plan to open several wine shops with an original serving of cocktails based on red wine, for example, red wine spritz and kir royal rouge.

Shakenov Omir, 33 years old, Barshatas Village, Ayagozsky district, entrepreneur

About the company

In 2015, I returned to Almaty from Astana. I saved up money and thought where to invest. I met with my friend Aybol Kudyretbayev, and he offered me to buy existing apple orchard on 80 acres. We have invested in this business and recouped the investment for a year and a half.

The company Moonlife Farm is growing organic apples breed Sievers from 2017. For the third season in a row, we try to provide our customers with the best apples.

There are two of us in the permanent staff: my partner and me. During the harvest, we use the services of hired employees. About 20-25 people help during the month with the collection and selection of the crop.

About the peculiarities of the business

We studied the market, gardening. We learned how to properly care for apple trees: watering, pruning, fertilizing and protecting the fruits with medicaments.

The uniqueness of the business is we engaged in the cultivation of Sivers apples, which according to DNA research are the ancestors of many modern varieties of domestic apple. In addition, we consider our business to be family, a partner to me as a brother, and during the harvest, we are helped by relatives.

It is quite profitable to grow apples and revive traditional production in Almaty

It is quite profitable to grow apples and revive traditional production in Almaty. More and more people prefer natural products of local production. Now 70% of products of the market in Kazakhstan consists of imported products, but every year this percentage becomes less.

Good demand for natural apples generates high competition in our field. We try to be closer to customers, unlike competitors. We sell products through social networks and always ready to openly tell and show how we work.

About the city

Almaty is a beautiful and green city with a huge number of attractions. This is the most attractive city in the country for tourists local and foreign.

My favourite place in the city is Kok-Tobe as it offers a beautiful view of the city and the mountains.

Almaty residents are warm and sociable people with excellent business acumen.

About plans

This year we want to expand the scale of sales, open a warehouse in Karaganda or Astana. We want every resident of the country to be able to taste natural Kazakh apples.

Dana Ryskeldy, 26 years old, hometown — Almaty, service manager

About the company

A couple of years ago, my aunt started sewing liners and blankets with traditional Kazakh ornaments. I help her and promote, find clients and sell products.

Our business is a special art that my aunt has been engaged in since early childhood. All knowledge about sewing she got from her mom. It is also a family business, with the help of which we try to maintain family traditions.

One blanket average is 10,000 — 15,000 tenge. We accept individual orders and we sew on the design of clients but generally, people trust the taste of the master. The process of sewing lasts about five to seven days. There is also a format of accelerated sewing, which takes three to five days.

About the peculiarities of the business

This is a unique craft, art, not written on the Internet. All information received in practice as not all orders are carried out by one technique.

We are trying to revive the popularity of Almaty textiles, which previously was known throughout the USSR

We are trying to revive the popularity of Almaty textiles, which previously was known throughout the USSR. Now people understand the value of handmade things.

There is a demand for our products, and it grows each time. The market for home textiles just started to develop, so it is quite promising to start such a business.

However, don't expect a quick profit, as not everyone has realized that Kazakhstan textiles can be turned into a successful brand. It takes time for this sphere to reach its peak.

About the city

Almaty is a beautiful city with a rich history and a young soul because in Almaty all the largest educational institutions of the country.

I like to spend time at 28 Panfilov Park, walk in the Park in the city centre, as they are always well-groomed and not as crowded as other parks.

Almaty residents are hospitable people, always ready to help in difficult times.

About the plans

Assist in promoting traditional crafts and help aunt to open a mini-training centre.

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