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Evgenia Galiullin, 27, from Karaganda

A development director of the Alanda group of companies, the managing director of the Alanda Hotel



Family business: Alanda Group

Sphere s of business: medicine, cosmetology; hotel and restaurant business

Was founded in 2005

From the women's wellness center to the hotel

The Alanda group of companies was formed more than 13 years ago by Valery Galiullin, my father. It all started with Alanda club, a women's health center dealing with cosmetology, which wasn’t developed in Kazakhstan at that time yet. Alanda club provided women with fitness, beauty salon, and cosmetology services.


Then we opened the first diagnostic center with outpatient reception. We had various doctors, the lab and a day hospital that turned into a large hospital center with all surgical directions.

Afterwards we started the first private maternity hospital in the Karaganda region. It’s still working and bringing happiness, because new citizens of Kazakhstan are born there every single day, so we are the parts of life of different generations. Our first clients came to the cosmetology club 13 years ago, and their daughters had their hairstyles done for graduations, for weddings in our salons. Then they gave birth to children in our maternity ward. Therefore, there’re three generations living with Alanda.

Having a family dinner, we used to discuss that girls usually start to visit beauty salons in 14-15 years, and our dad decided that owning a salon would be cheaper. When my grandfather was ill, we started a medical direction. By coincidence, when the older sister was pregnant, we opened a maternity ward. All family events intersect with our business stages. Therefore, our own need for these services caused us to open these spheres.

We’ve got the "Oasis" tour operator’s office located in our complex and managed by Natalia Yevtushenko, the founder’s wife. My elder sister deals with the cosmetology sphere, the elder brother is engaged in construction issues, the younger sister works in the "Oasis", while the younger brother is growing up and getting higher education in the economy.

Thus, all the family members take part in the business

"Oasis" is in Karaganda and has two offices in Astana. The company’s been successfully operating in the tourism industry for 25 years.


In 2017 we started a new complex including a hotel in Astana. Also, a multi-profile clinic with two OP-theaters and two surgical directions comprising general surgery and plastic operates there. There’re two floors with wards. We have various doctors and a lab. In addition we’re developing the sphere of conference including trainings, seminars, symposia.

I’m engaged in the development of a group of companies and conduct new projects functioning in Astana – a clinic, a medical center, a hotel and a cosmetology center. I deal with partnerships affairs such as the development of products provided for our customers and hotel guests. We improve our skills and train staff. Our task is to improve the group of companies and develop further. We’re planning to raise the number of companies we have.

Having moved to Astana two years ago, I got engaged in the family business, although started participating in it since the age of 14. I was watching the construction process, helped make the interior design.


I took part in the launching process of the Alanda hotel since very beginning. This is my brainchild. It was me who made the business plan. I graduated from the "Hotel and Restaurant Business" major in Switzerland and dealt with all construction issues, business processes settings, staff recruiting, an advertising strategy, products developing, etc. We used all the resources accumulated over 13 years of work with partners in the CIS and abroad. This is an immense experience helping us move forward and be a leader in Astana.

On the Alanda’s principles and philosophy

"Alanda" comprises two names: the female name Amanda and the male Alan, whereas Alanda by itself comes from Old Celtic and translated as stone grace, stone beauty. Summing up, "Alanda" turns out to be a stone beauty. The female is the origin, and you can see female harmony and beauty in our medical direction, whereas our hotel has a more masculine character with the power, male hospitality, control, clearness and cohesiveness. These features are the ones necessary for the hotel business.

The founder still takes a huge part in the company's work. He’s our leader engaged in business development and controls all the directions. There’re directors dealing with daily questions, but he’ still dedicated to all the projects. He chooses the antique clock to be put in the lobby, as he’s attentive to the atmosphere and design. The hotel is as crucial as a home for him. He’s kind of investing himself in each project, and we try to do the same.



The Alanda Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel with a residence. It’s a cozy house having hotel standards. We have Sunday brunches developing family traditions. Our customers should pay attention to their families, grandparents, and friends. We try to conduct brunches on a regular basis, so that guests can regularly receive the emotions forgotten in everyday vanity. We adapt this family format to all our branches. Our clinic and the cosmetology center are open on Sundays.

Actually, we want to get away from the stereotyped atmosphere of the medical institution with white walls, the smell of medicines, and the sound of metal heard in the distance and making people feel uncomfortable and scared of doctors

Everything is cozy and colored in warm tint. Doctors and all the staff are attentive so that a person does not feel fear before seeing the doctor. Our atmosphere helps the patient overcome emotionally difficult situations. We try to make people feel good and accelerate their recovery.

On the business affecting family relations


We have a rule not to talk about work at home as family atmosphere must be rescued from business. At work we call our father “the boss” but not “dad”. All employees are aware of that. At home he’s dad but this rule is often broken since the business is our life.

I’ve always been close with my father, especially now, when I’m engaged in the family business.

We have family traditions connected with the business. Firstly, we always have a New Year's corporate party in all companies. Secondly, the founder, our father, wears Santa Claus’ costume and gives kinder-surprises to employees. A toy coming from the egg is the symbol of the surprise supposed to be received in a new year. For example, if you get a toy car, you will purchase it in a new year. If there’s a male toy, you’ll have a fateful meeting. We sit at a table, open our kinder-surprises, and everyone thinks out what his/her toy means. We imagine and dream. It comes from a child's faith in a fairy tale, an emotion that people want to get on holidays. We’ve had this tradition for many years. Our father introduced this tradition in all companies, and now we are the second generation supporting it among employees.

On difficulties and solutions

There have always been difficulties. The medical direction is difficult to lead, since we have foreign equipment and enormous investments. We’ve faced economic crises and employees’ loyalty helped us cope with it. Some of them have been working with us for 10-15 years. Some clients has become our friends, I was raised up with their children. Positive attitude and employees’ skillfulness helps find solutions to all the problems.


The hotel and medical spheres work 24 hours 7 days a week, so it is difficult to distinguish between working hours and home. Working for someone and having a work schedule is different from having a family business. You cannot turn off the phone and become unavailable, whether it's day or night.

The Alanda is a part of me

Receiving guests at the hotel, I accept them as at home. Guests must feel comfortable, they must like the hotel. Besides, all employees must always improve their skills and qualifications.

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