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Michigan State University. Where it will be comfortable for family people to study in the USA
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Michigan State University. Where it will be comfortable for family people to study in the USA

Michigan State University is one of the best universities in the USA with excellent conditions for students who come to study with their families. We talked with compatriots from Central Asia about admission, the peculiarities of training and the atmosphere.

Aliya Bizhanova, city — East Lansing, Michigan, doctoral student, researcher at the University of Michigan, facebook

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About choosing university

I'm from Almaty. Studied in Russia. I received a master's degree from Vanderbilt University. I worked in Astana for about seven years. After that, decided to enroll in doctoral studies.

In the process of choosing a university, I recommend creating several lists, organizing them so that two or three are highly rated — dream schools, and others are a little easier, which you will definitely enroll in.

I entered several universities. I chose MSU because the College of education has a high rating, and doctoral students are provided with a large funding package.

Since I was moving with my family, the geographical factor mattered. The Middle West was suitable for us — a region with a climate similar to Kazakhstan.

About admission

You need to start preparing at least six months before submitting the documents. The first stage is the choice of a university. Visit the website of the educational institution, find information about professors and their research interests. It is important to track information about the specialty, find out about the list of documents and deadlines.

Take time to prepare and pass exams — TOEFL, GRE. Separately, you need to work on the essay. This is an important document that determines how suitable a person is for the university. One or two pages should contain work experience, research interests, research projects and plans for activities after training. I advise you to attract people who can give comments.

You need to start preparing at least six months before submitting the documents

To increase your chances of admission, try contacting professors who have similar research interests to yours.
I contacted the MSU professor through my graduate school classmates. We met at Zoom, after which she sent my documents to the admissions committee.

The package of documents should contain three letters of recommendation. It is worth strategically approaching the choice of people who will be able to write them. These should be your acquaintances from the academic and working environment. It is desirable that the organization and the person are recognizable.

About the features of studying

The structure of training differs at different levels. The doctoral program is dominated by a research focus. On average, the training lasts five years, but you can graduate sooner or later.

The first two years we take compulsory courses. In parallel, you can take other items. The program is flexible. It all depends on the interests.

From the third to the fifth courses, doctoral students are engaged in research, writing a dissertation. Qualification exams are held at the end of the first and third years of study. In the fourth year, you need to defend the proposal at the pre-certification council, and a year later the defense takes place.

The learning process is complex, but interesting. University professors are known all over the world for their fundamental research, and it is a great honor to attend their lectures.

I recommend being prepared for high employment. You need to read a lot of literature, prepare articles, speak at conferences. The intellectual environment here is wonderful. You can work not only with professors, but also with other students. Enrich each other.

About the atmosphere

Half of the academic experience of the university is people and a special culture that has been created for decades. It is supported by the university at all levels. We have about a thousand organizations that students have opened.

I am the president of the Eurasian Student Association, which covers post-Soviet countries. The university allocates funding, and we hold academic events, invite professors, exchange experiences, celebrate holidays.

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MSU is the sixth largest university in the USA. There are many centers here where something is always happening. For example, the science festival takes place throughout April, within which you can attend thousands of events. Life is boiling, the main thing is to find time.

About conditions for family people

University websites do not always mention an additional social package for student parents. You can learn this from people who are already studying at the university.

MSU has an Association of student parents, membership in which costs $ 20. Every year the organization holds events, distributes vouchers for visiting the museum, gives gifts. It also provides a grant for children to attend kindergarten.

It was important for us that our daughter went to kindergarten. It's expensive, so the organization gave us a grant of $5,000. They also help with insurance for the student and his family. To do this, you need to fill out an application and provide documents about the income level. We get $3,000 for insurance every year.

There is a Food Bank on campus, a service that provides food for free. Many international students use it, especially at first. It is enough to specify a list of necessary products online, then come and pick them up.

Free courses in English and other skills are offered for students' families.

What the university has taught

Every semester you get new knowledge, participate in projects, research. Thinking is changing.

I got excellent knowledge of the profession, a lot of opportunities in terms of networking and group work.

I advise family people to enroll in MSU. The university is located in the small town of East Lansing. Here is an inexpensive, safe and cozy life.

Moldir Moldagalieva, city — East Lansing, Michigan, Master's student at Michigan State University, @moldirmoldagali


About choosing a university

Studying in the USA was a childhood dream. After graduation, I got a job, and eventually my family came to the fore. I decided to continue my studies at the age of 30.

The list of universities was compiled based on the rating of the best in my specialty — «Advertising and public relations». One of the main criteria was favorable conditions for students with families. MSU is one of the best in this regard. I also liked that the university offers a large selection of subjects with which I can prepare for professional activity both in industry and in the research field.

About admission

My admission started with the submission of documents for the Bolashak scholarship. After receiving the grant, I prepared an application to MSU. It includes: two motivational essays, three letters of recommendation, a resume, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE or GMAT test results.

It is important that your expectations match what the university can give. It is worth looking at the scientific works of professors, to find out if someone is engaged in interesting research for you.

It is necessary to decide on plans for activities after graduation and correctly state them in motivational essays. Through them, the admissions committee will recognize you, so you should prepare carefully.

The second stage is an interview. It takes place in an informal format. The professor I mentioned in the essay decided to get to know her better. She asked about the Bolashak scholarship and plans. I asked questions about academic life, conditions, and the learning process.

About the features of studying

MSU has a favorable academic environment. Students and teachers are friendly, responsive. Professors, despite their reputation, are simple, easy to work with. Each lesson begins with the question: «How did you spend the weekend?».

Students and teachers are friendly, responsive

Much attention is paid to discussions. Classes are held in the format of discussions, where students can express their opinions. Thanks to this, there is an opportunity to learn not only from the teacher, but also from students.

We often work in groups on projects, which we then defend in front of the audience. This allows you to develop presentation skills and leadership qualities.


There is no group in the traditional sense. Each person is trained according to their own curriculum. Relations between students are formal, as among colleagues at work. We rarely spend time together outside of school. This fact prompted the creation of the Eurasian Student Association, together with other students. We serve as an academic and cultural bridge for students from 15 post-Soviet countries and those interested in the region's research.

About conditions for family people

There is a good tradition at MSU: on Christmas Eve, one family from each department is chosen to receive gifts. Before the holidays, when you are especially homesick, such support is invaluable.


The university also helps with babysitting services. Each child is allocated 100 hours in an academic year, when the payment is not the average $ 15 per hour, but $ 3. Together with the provision of insurance and a place in kindergarten, serious help is obtained.

What the university has taught

I learned to reach the dream. I realized that children are not a barrier, but a motivation to be better, more educated and more experienced. I got out of my comfort zone, gained experience working with the best professors.

I learned more about academic integrity. I learned how to conduct research, write articles, and work in a team.

MSU is suitable for those who want to live in a small town with clean air, beautiful nature and lots of greenery.

Madina Dadajonova, City — East Lansing, Michigan, MBA student at Michigan State University, @madina.ddj

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About choosing a university

I was interested in studying in the direction of Supply Chain Management. In this area, the first place in the USA is occupied by MSU.

I contacted compatriots who studied at this university, received good reviews and submitted documents only to it.

About admission

Admission to a foreign university is a long process. It took me about a year to prepare for the exams — GMAT, IELTS, their passing. Then I wrote motivational letters, received recommendations from people who could give an objective assessment.

The university considered my portfolio for two weeks, after which they invited me for an interview. It lasted about 45 minutes. Mandatory questions: «Why did you choose this university?» and «Who do you see yourself after graduation?». They also asked about work experience and motivation.

Each university has its own mission. At MSU, it is the development of leadership skills. Therefore, the structure of the essay should show you as a leader. The same applies to interviews.

About the features of studying

I was surprised by the relationship between teachers and students. You are encouraged to express your opinion, which is different from the professor's, if you can argue it.

The university has a platform through which homework is submitted, grades are given and feedback is received from the teacher.

I was surprised by the relationship between teachers and students

In the first semester, we study subjects of all directions.
After the second one, you need to choose a specialty and follow it. At first, I was interested in Supply Chain Management, but over time I realized that I was more interested in marketing.

About the atmosphere

MSU has many student organizations that were created by students and are funded by the university.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-28 at 01.06.37.jpeg

The university is located in East Lansing. It is a quiet and cozy student town. I call it "one-story America" and consider it an ideal place to study.

The University provides great assistance to family people. But the main criterion is for the family to be in the USA. They does not help with visa issues.

What the university taught

The university taught me to get out of my comfort zone, to meet new people. I realized that networking is the key to career growth.

I recommend applying to MSU, especially for girls. The university cooperates with the Forty Foundation, a women's council that helps in financial and other aspects.

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