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WE matter who is close to us and to our families. We wish to be close to us only reliable people who can be trusted.

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  • Наш Человек стремится создавать то, что улучшает жизнь людей

  • Наш Человек в общении с окружением честен и справедлив, порядочен и верен

  • Вы доверяете ему и уверены в его искренности

  • Наш Человек живет полной жизнью: любимая семья, достойное окружение, любимое дело, интересное хобби

  • Наш Человек всегда идет вперед и развивается

  • Наш Человек неравнодушен и готов вместе с нами создавать добрые дела

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Recommend an inspiring person

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Kazakhstanis who set the style in music, cinema, and fashion


Kazakhstanis who set the style in music, cinema, and fashion

Scriptonite, @real_scrip


Photo source: vk.com

Scriptonite is a rap artist and beatmaker. At the end of 2019, he released a new album “2004”, included in the category of new releases on the iTunes world chart. He is followed by both Kazakhstanis and residents of other countries. Today, Scriptonite as a producer helps other musicians in the Musica36 label.

Dimash Kudaibergen, @kudaibergenov.dimash


Dimash Kudaibergen is a singer, musician, and composer. Unique voice data helped him become famous far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan. The musician has a multi-million audience of fans around the world, following him and the culture of the country where he lives.

Galymzhan Moldanazar, @moldanazar


Galymzhan Moldanazar is a musician, lead singer of the synth-pop, indie-rock band Moldanazar. He started his creative activity in 2011 but became known to the public in 2013 after the release of the “Akpen Birge” music video. Galymzhan chose a popular and fashionable music direction, but all his songs are in the Kazakh language.

Ninety One, @ninetyone

Ninety One.jpg

Ninety One is a boy band debuted in 2015.

Ninety One is the founders of the Q-pop style-Kazakhstan's equivalent of K-pop. Q-pop groups and performers started to appear after the popularization of Ninety One's music in Kazakhstan.

Jah Khalib, @jahkhalib

Jah Khalib.jpg

Jah Khalib is a Kazakh artist, musician. Author of hit songs: “Leila”, “Mamacita”, “Medina”. According to the musician, his main goal is to give people emotions with music. He set a certain style in his tracks liked by many listeners and performers.

M’Dee, @mdeemusic


M'Dee is a young artist and musician, artist of the Musica36 label. His music is a mix of retro style with a modern delivery. That's why the audience in Kazakhstan and other CIS countries loves him.

НАZIМА, @13nazima


NAZIMA is a singer and artist of the Black Star label. She is loved for the unusual way of lyrics presenting, provocative style and charm. She is followed by more than a million fans.

Aisultan Seitov, @aisultan


Aisultan Seitov is a young director, producer, screenwriter, and music video maker. He filmed music videos for Kazakhstani and foreign artists: Scriptonite, Jah Khalib, Ivan Dorn, 21 Savage. His works viewed more than a million times, and many artists want to collaborate with him.

Kanat Beisekeyev, @beisekeyev


Kanat Beisekeyev is a director, cinematographer, and screenwriter. He makes documentaries about people around the world.

Ablay Kairzhanov, @ablaykairzhanov


Ablay Kairzhanov is a videographer, photographer and Cinematographer. Ablay is Timati's cinematographer, and he shoots concerts, music videos, commercial videos, and lifestyle videos. In the blog, Ablay talks about work, creativity, and travel.

Aya Shalkar, @aya_shalkar

Айя Шалкар.jpg

Aya Shalkar is a model and graphic designer. She founded the clothing brand Ash Wear. Her Instagram followed by more than 700,000 followers, interested in how she dresses, what she likes, and what she succeeds in.

Dimash Adilet, @dimashadilet


Dimash Adilet is a young Kazakhstani, became popular on Instagram in 2015 for sharing pictures of a luxurious lifestyle and a refined sense of style. He motivates the youth with the content he creates.

Nurlan Saburov, @nurlan__saburov


Nurlan Saburov is a stand-up artist, comedian. He became recognizable due to the Stand-Up project on the TNT channel. Today, Nurlan is an example for many Kazakhstani stand-up artists.

DINARA RKH, @dinara_rkh


Dinara Rakhimbayeva is a model and blogger, owner of the Muse atelier store. Dinara is a bright personality, followed by many Kazakhstanis.

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