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Recommend an inspiring person

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Marjan Anlamas, 25, from Shymkent, MA student, works for Strategic Staffing Solutions Engineering


I was given a scholarship from the Latvian Government. I moved to Riga in September 2017. I've been living here for a year now, I’m studying and working. I work for the Strategic Staffing Solutions Engineering recruiting company.

Initially I had some difficulties with the language. I’d been told that one part speaks Latvian, and the other one speaks Russian, which is an acute issue. I ask people what language is better to be used before talking.

I ask people what language is better to be used before talking

Prices are more expensive for 30% than in Kazakhstan as a whole, but it is comparable to Astana. Salaries are high, but they’re defective spending.

Service quality is higher than in Kazakhstan, even though locals don’t like it. There's an excellent wi- fi coverage, it’s approachable. You can do without any cellular communication.

There’s a different work culture. Here you see flexible working conditions and good conditions for workers. An employee can work remotely or has a flexible schedule. Relations between management and employees are equal.


Kazakhstani people are altruists, while Latvians are individualists. Everyone is responsible for himself/herself, this makes people more independent.

I was in Kazakhstan only once last year. Since the Riga-Almaty flight of the company Air Baltic has opened, I’m planning to travel more often.

I love Latvia for being quiet. The country is small, the population is only 1,600,000 - 1,700,000, so there is no fuss. People know how to relax: they go out on weekends, on working days no one is in a hurry. I like this atmosphere. The sea is 30 minutes away from us, which I like as I’m a person who used to live in the steppe.

I like young people here. Local guys are open, versatile, active, and they always have something to tell, some of their qualities are really good.


After graduation, I’m planning to work in Europe and gain more experience. I'm interested in professional development. I want to get one more MA degree. In five or six years I’m going to come back to Kazakhstan to start investing in the future of the Motherland.

Ainura Mutallapova, 39, from Almaty, housewife


I moved to Latvia in April 2015, as my husband is a citizen of Latvia. We met in Almaty, where my husband came to work. We met, started to chat and got married in 2013.

I was in Latvia for 2 times since 2013, I visited my husband. Latvia is a small, cozy, compact, clean. It’s different from Kazakhstan.

In Latvia there are many Russian-speaking people, so I quickly got over the moment of integration and adaptation. Now I feel comfortable.

Elder generation is respected in Kazakhstan, whereas there’s no such a thing in Latvia, which was a great cultural shock for me. At first it was hard for me to see young people sit and the old people stand on the public transport. Kazakhstan is lucky to have such a good mentality, many other countries should learn from us.

Elder generation is respected in Kazakhstan, whereas there’s no such a thing in Latvia

Here people are more reserved, nobody shouts or swears. They smile less than we do. But I got used to that. Anyway, there’re many kind and sympathetic people everywhere.

Housing is less expensive than in Almaty. In Almaty we used to rent an apartment for 500-700 dollars, while here we rent it for 250-300 dollars. The other expenses are quite similar. Food quality in Latvia is amazing, there’s a deep assortment of products.

Being pregnant, I was not charged with medical services. I was taken tests, consulted for free, although I was not a citizen of Latvia.

There are many helpful people. Being a foreigner, I’ve never been treated badly.

I’ve visited Kazakhstan once since 2015. I gave birth to a child in Riga, who is 2 years and 4 months old. The direct flight Riga-Almaty has recently been opened, so I hope my parents will soon visit me.


I love both Kazakhstan and Latvia. I might live here for my whole life as I do love this country for safety and good ecology, amazing air. My child has good living conditions which is crucial for me. There’s a low crime situation here. Therefore, I think this place is perfect for living.

Yernat Belbeev, 19, from Taldykogan, ISMA student


Being a schoolboy, I wanted to go abroad. I found ISMA, Institute of Information Systems Management, on the Internet and submitted documents. I'm an IT engineer. Initially I took exams, then I passed the interview. I answered 50 questions on physics, mathematics and geography in Kazakhstan.

I went to study on my own, then I joined up with friends whom I was familiar with in Kazakhstan. They helped me, found an accommodation. We’re friends and we share the apartment now.

I’d expected more from Latvia. There’s no a big difference with Kazakhstan. Riga is similar to Almaty, but being a small city, it's more convenient.

People here are open, kind, friendly and calm. Nature is good, but the climate is humid. It's cold in winter, and quite chilly in summer. In winter -15 degrees make you feel cold due to humidity.


I come to Kazakhstan only in the summer. Now I'm on my third year, I’m planning to study in the USA. In November I’ll be enrolled in an American university on MA degree, then work there, gain some experience and return to Kazakhstan.

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