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How to rent an apartment in Almaty: recommendations and tips for students


How to rent an apartment in Almaty: recommendations and tips for students

Moving to another city to study is a responsible and difficult step for any modern student, which requires careful planning. It is important to think through many subtleties. One of these is renting an apartment in Almaty. The search for suitable housing is a responsible process, on which the comfort of living and learning directly depends.

how to find an apartment in Almaty

Over the past year, the prices for renting real estate in the city have risen significantly on a monthly basis without intermediaries. For example, even for a one-room apartment you have to pay up to 200 thousand tenge. For many students, this is an unaffordable amount.

The modern housing market

Almaty, as the largest metropolis in Kazakhstan, has always attracted people from all over the country and from abroad. The housing market here is dynamic and constantly changing, influenced by various factors. To rent an apartment in Almaty without intermediaries, you need to pay 30% more than a quarter ago. This amount significantly hits the pockets of students who have just moved to this city to study.

The demand for long-term rentals in the city is high, especially during peak seasons: summer and the beginning of the school year. This is due to the influx of students, tourists, as well as people moving to the city in search of work or better living conditions. During such a period, it is almost impossible to rent an apartment in Almaty for students without intermediaries from the owners at a good price, therefore it is recommended to look for suitable options in advance.

Prices directly depend on demand, as well as on the location, the condition of the apartment and the availability of furniture and appliances. These are the key factors that determine the cost of housing when renting on a monthly basis. You should also pay attention to such features before renting an apartment in the southern capital:

The city center is traditionally the most expensive area. Here you can find luxury apartments with European renovation, modern furniture and household appliances. The cost of such an apartment can reach 300,000 tenge and above.

Prices are more affordable in residential areas. A one-room apartment in good condition can be rented for 80,000-120,000 tenge, a two-room apartment for 120,000- 180,000 tenge, a three-room apartment for 180,000-250,000 tenge.

To rent an apartment in Almaty monthly from the owners, you should also pay attention to other actively developing trends in the market. In the last few years, the demand for apartments with ready-made repairs and furniture has been growing. This greatly simplifies check-in and accommodation for residents.

There is also a growing demand for long-term rental housing, so it is increasingly difficult to find a suitable property option with monthly rentals from owners without intermediaries. It is important to carefully study the market in order to choose the right option.

In the last few years, the requirements for tenants have become significantly stricter. Many landlords ask for certificates from their place of work to confirm their ability to pay. Not all students can provide such confirmations before renting an apartment.

Long—term rent of an apartment in Almaty without an intermediary for students is a rather difficult task that requires a careful and thoughtful approach. Of course, there are many online services that simplify the search for suitable housing, but also have some risks that should be taken into account in the process to avoid scams and other unpleasant situations.

Where can I find relevant ads

The search for relevant rental ads is becoming more convenient and accessible thanks to the development of Internet technologies and specialized online platforms. Currently, there are many resources where you can find a variety of housing options for rent in various cities, including the southern capital of Kazakhstan.

how to rent an apartment in Almaty

If you decide to rent an apartment in Almaty on a monthly basis, you should pay attention to such search options:

Online real estate sites have become one of the most popular and widely used resources for finding rental housing. Such resources usually provide a user-friendly interface for searching for housing according to various parameters, such as price, number of rooms, location, area, and others. On such platforms you can find both residential apartments and rooms in dormitories or private houses. Here you can choose in which area it is better to rent an apartment in Almaty, as well as choose the best conditions for the budget and other needs.

Specialized groups and communities on social networks where you can easily rent an apartment are becoming another popular source of information about affordable housing. On platforms such as Facebook, VKontakte or Telegram, there are groups where people post ads about renting a home. These can be either separate groups for a specific city, or specialized communities for students, young professionals or those who are looking for neighbors to rent together. It is easiest for young people to team up with others in order to save money when renting an apartment in the city from the owners, as well as to get more favorable conditions for renting housing.

In addition, do not forget about the classic methods of housing search, such as ads in newspapers or on bulletin boards at universities, supermarkets or public places. Although these methods are not as widely used as before, they can still be useful to rent an apartment.

To rent an apartment, you should contact real estate agencies that specialize in renting housing. Such agencies can offer you a wide range of options, as well as provide assistance in signing a contract and resolving other issues related to housing.

If you do not know how to find a rented apartment in Almaty from the owner for students, then you should pay attention to such popular sites with ads in Kazakhstan:

▶ Krisha.kz — this is one of the most popular classifieds sites in Kazakhstan. Here you can find a wide selection of apartments, houses, rooms and commercial real estate.

▶ Homsters.kz is a specialized real estate website where you can find ads for the sale, rental and exchange of housing.

rent for students in Almaty

You can also check out various forums and review sites where people tell you how to rent an apartment. Such resources allow you to get the most complete information about real estate and choose an apartment in the city from the owner with minimal costs.

What to consider when choosing an apartment

Many people are wondering how to find an apartment for rent in Almaty from the owner on favorable terms. To do this, you should pay attention to the following recommendations:

Location and proximity to educational institutions. Take into account the distance from the apartment to your educational institution. Prioritize proximity to a university or college to reduce travel time and reduce transportation costs.

Budget. Determine your housing budget, taking into account both the monthly payment and additional expenses such as utilities and Internet. Strive to find a balance between price and quality of housing.

The security of the area. When choosing a location, pay attention to the crime rate and general safety. Explore crime statistics and neighboring streets to rent a safe and comfortable apartment to live in.

Infrastructure. Make sure that the selected location has the necessary infrastructure, such as shops, pharmacies, cafes, sports facilities and public transport. This will ensure the convenience and accessibility of the necessary services.

The condition of the apartment. Inspect the apartment before signing the lease agreement. Pay attention to the condition of the premises, the operability of household appliances, the availability of furniture and the level of comfort.

The lease agreement. Before renting an apartment, carefully study the terms of the contract. Pay attention to the terms, the amount of the deposit, the payment procedure, as well as the rights and obligations of the tenant and the landlord.

Support from the agency or the owner. When renting through a real estate agency, make sure that you have support and assistance in case of problems or questions. In the case of renting from a private owner, discuss the possibility of promptly resolving housing maintenance issues.

Neighbors and the situation in the house. Try to find out about the neighbors and the situation in the house before renting an apartment. Good neighbors and a cozy atmosphere can make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

In order for a long-term rental of an apartment in Almaty from the owner to be profitable, many factors should be taken into account. Make sure that the selected accommodation is provided with a stable Internet connection and access to communication services. This is especially important for students who need access to online lessons, materials and communication with teachers.

Consider also the proximity to recreation, entertainment and cultural sites before renting an apartment in the southern capital. The presence of parks, cinemas, cafes and clubs nearby can greatly enrich your student life. If you plan to rent an apartment with neighbors or friends, discuss in advance all the details of living together, including the distribution of responsibilities, joint expenses and rules of coexistence.

When inspecting the housing, pay attention to the noise level from the windows and neighboring apartments. The quiet and peaceful area promotes comfortable learning and recreation. All these factors will make the search for an apartment more comfortable and profitable. Of course, it is very important to choose an option that is suitable for the cost and conditions in order to be able to study comfortably. You need to look for those options that fully meet all your needs.


In order to rent accommodation for a student from the owner, many aspects should be taken into account, ranging from location and budget, to living conditions and security. Based on the advice provided, the student can make an informed and informed choice that will ensure a comfortable and safe stay during the study period.

A good monthly Almaty apartment for students from the owner should meet all individual preferences and needs. For example, for some it may be important to have parking or access to public transport, while others may prefer a quiet location or proximity to places of recreation and entertainment. You can find a variety of options for individual needs.

It is also worth remembering the importance of checking all the terms of the lease agreement and ensuring your rights and interests. If necessary, a young person can seek help from real estate agencies or legal specialists. Choosing the right accommodation is a good opportunity to focus on studying, self-development and realizing your potential, providing the most comfortable living conditions.

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