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How to live in Silicon Valley with children: Apple and Google olympiads and high living standards


How to live in Silicon Valley with children: Apple and Google olympiads and high living standards

Antonina Trukhacheva, hometown — Minsk, teacher, @california.stories

Антонина (2).jpg

We are from Minsk. I am a teacher by education, and my husband works as an IT engineer. We always knew that, at the first chance, we would leave Belarus. We were not satisfied with the climate and dreamed of a warm country.

About conditions and infrastructure for children

Living with children in Silicon Valley is comfortable, many young people from all over the world came to work. Many of them have children or have started families here in the United States.

Silicon Valley is not a fenced area, and people live here, children grow up. Lots of entertainment, parks, incredible playgrounds for all ages. There are hobby clubs, dance classes, hockey, football, gymnastics, music, anything.

School education is mandatory here, the first class starts at the age of six and graduation from school at 18

Many museums, including children's, for different age groups, where children can observe different experiments. There are even rooms for six-month-olds where they can crawl, touch different objects, materials, shapes and explore the world.

Антонина 3.jpg

Our son is two years and nine months old, and we have not yet sent him to preschool. School education is mandatory here, the first class starts at the age of six and graduation from school at 18. Children are engaged in the development of independence in the classroom, make projects, solve problems within a given subject. Children like to go to school, and they love teachers. Every year formed a new class and children have a new teacher.

Additional classes can be different. Much attention paid to physical training. Therefore, many different sports sections: football, American football, athletics, basketball.

About the safety

As a mother, I would like to see more attention to security issues. Not all middle and high schools are fenced, and anyone can enter the ground.

Silicon Valley is a great place to live with children. Here excellent weather, year-round sun, fresh fruit, the ocean nearby, mountains, beautiful nature. This is the best place on Earth, and it is worth coming here if you have the opportunity.

Yuliya Besseler, age 33, hometown — Nizhny Novgorod, historian, @mrs_iuliia_besseler

юлия (3).JPG

My move was spontaneous. I lived in China, in Shenzhen, worked in an online store. There I met my future husband, and he is a Brazilian and lives in the United States, in Silicon Valley, works as an engineer at Apple. Therefore, after the wedding, I moved in with him.

About conditions and infrastructure for children

During the time that I live in America, I managed to travel to other States. The US is a comfortable country to live with children, not just Silicon Valley. Children are loved here, and you will be given extra treats if you come with children at any event or party.

Camping recreation is developed, and many people go hiking with children of five or six months. We also like to rest in tents. Also, we often see parents who ride a bicycle with small children and carry them in special chairs.

During the time that I live in America, I managed to travel to other States

The restaurants have a children's menu and option to order partial dishes, for example, just pasta. While waiting for the order, the child is given pencils and pens to keep him/her busy.

In large sports complexes, there is always room for a child. While the mother is engaged in sports, the child is in the playroom with other children, under the supervision of trained staff.

юлия (2).JPG

Children go to kindergarten at the age of five. After the birth of the child, the mother is given maternity leave for three months, after which she must return to work or quit. In rare cases, the leave can be extended without payment. Most often, mothers return to work and hire nannies. This system here is developed.

Already in the first year of kindergarten, children can write words of three or four letters, can count and try to read long texts. Children go to school by place of residence, so everyone wants to buy the house in a good neighborhood to make sure their children will go to a rated school. Primary school is free.

Schools often conduct the olympiads, and robotics is especially popular. Google and Apple are the main sponsors of the robotics olympiads. Successful in studies children have the opportunity to do something for their future in high school. According to the results of such olympiads, a child can enroll Stanford — one of the best universities in the world.

About the safety

In general, America and, in particular, Silicon Valley is a safe place. The drivers on the roads are capable and accurate, always pass pedestrians. And to those who with small children, always and everywhere special attitude.

Aziza Kazhibaeva, age 23, hometown — Kokshetau, logistics

Азиза (3).jpg

I grew up in a friendly, slightly traditional Kazakh family. I lived in China, Turkey, India. After my parents moved to America, I came to New York, now I live with my family in California. I have two sisters and two brothers of school age.

About conditions and infrastructure for children

Life in America is not easier than in Kazakhstan, but the quality of life is much higher. The state and just good people help and organize various events for people who want and people in need. For example, this year we did not buy stationery for children but received them for free at one of the events.

Schools in America are free and open to all children, regardless of whether the parents have a tourist or a student visa.

Life in America is not easier than in Kazakhstan, but the quality of life is much higher

Conveniently, that the school provides buses and meals, it can be free for the family, depends on the annual income.

There are many additional classes. Our four schoolchildren go for a programming class after American school. We also sent the boys to judo and wrestling, to be evolved physically and knew self-defense techniques.

About the safety

Азиза (2).jpg

The city has different areas: noisy and criminal or quiet and prestigious. When we moved to the United States, at first, we lived in a not very nice neighborhood, but it was cheap. Now we live in a more expensive area and like it here. In any case, people are mostly law-abiding, and the level of security is quite high.

The people who live in Silicon Valley are friendly, but won't exactly help you with the money. This is a good place for a developer career. Therefore, all emigrants from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine come here to study at Portnov School and School 42.

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