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How much does it cost to live in Astana, Dushanbe and Ulan Bator


How much does it cost to live in Astana, Dushanbe and Ulan Bator

Mila Borman, 34, hometown — Kostanay, blogger, @milaborman

Natalia Bandaev, 35 years old, hometown — Ulan-Ude, private guide in Mongolia, @my_mongolia

Bakhrom Saydulloev, 28 years, hometown — Dushanbe, the head in the bank, @bsaydulloev

Astana, Mila. On the right bank of Astana, you can rent a one-room apartment for 70,000 ($184) tenge, but not everyone satisfied with such options. Most often this housing is unfurnished, in an uncomfortable area.

Мила Астана (1).jpg

On average, the cost of a good one-room apartment on the right bank from 90,000 tenge and above, on the left — from 100,000 — 110,000 ($262 — 288) tenge and above.

The cost of apartments greatly varies. I would say the price depends on the buyer's requests.

One of my subscribers in November bought a nice one-room apartment on the street Barayev 9,800,000 ($25,745) tenge, besides the seller was not against the mortgage. At the same time, I often hear that people can not find a one-room apartment for 12,000,000 — 13,000,000 ($31,525 — 34,152) tenge.

Someone buys two-bedroom apartments for 30,000,000 ($78,812) tenge and more expensive, but in March my friend bought a two-bedroom apartment in 68 squares for 15,000,000 ($39,406) tenge.

Ulan Bator, Natalia. I rent a one-room apartment in a new house in the centre of Ulan Bator for 500,000 ($180) tugriks.

I rent a one-room apartment in a new house in the centre of Ulan Bator for 500,000 ($180) tugriks

Purchase of housing in new, comfortable areas, which built in the southern part of the capital, will cost $1,000 per square meter. In the centre, such an apartment will be cheaper — about $576 per square meter. Houses there not so new, the area is noisier.

Наталья Улан-Батор (1).jpg

Dushanbe, Bakhrom. Rent of an apartment will cost about $150 to $500 per month, depending on the requests.

On average, the apartment with minimal repairs in the city centre costs from $300 per month.

Municipal services

Astana, Mila. In the capital, the payment of utilities for a one-room apartment in the winter costs 8,000 — 9,000 ($21 — 24) tenge, two-room — about 12,000 ($32) tenge, three-room — 18,000 ($47). This amount does not include Internet fees.

Ulan Bator, Natalia. For a one-room apartment in the winter, I pay 105,000 tugriks — $40, in the summer without heating the amount become cheaper — $31.

Улан-Батор 5.jpg

In the winter two-bedroom apartment, utilities will cost about $50 and $38 in the summer.

Dushanbe, Bakhrom. I spend about $10-15 to pay for electricity in spring and autumn, $20 in winter per month. The rest of the services costs $10.

бахром (1).jpg

On average, Dushanbe residents spend $20-25 on utilities.

Mobile communications

Astana, Mila. I use the plans and find it profitable. The average monthly payment is 2000 ($5) tenge. Limit of the plans is enough for me even though I constantly work online.

Ulan Bator, Natalia. There are four major mobile networks, unitel, mobicom, g-mobile, skytel. Basically, everyone uses mobicom as it is one of the first mobile companies in Mongolia.

Наталья Улан-Батор (3).jpg

The average cost of mobile services per month $25. This amount includes unlimited Internet calls.

Dushanbe, Bakhrom. On mobile communications, I spend on average about $20. This is expensive, I often have to call and use the Internet for work. In Tajikistan, the cost of the Internet is a significant point. We do not have unlimited tariffs. On average, people spend $5-10 on mobile communications.

In Tajikistan, the cost of the Internet is a significant point


Astana, Mila. In the city was inserting a card payment system for buses. If you have a card, the fare is 90 ($0.24) tenge. There is also a free transfer to another bus within an hour. You can quickly go there and back.

Астана 1.jpg

Without card payment is 180 ($0.47) tenge per trip. In general, the system is beneficial for citizens.

Many use Yandex.Taxi but the tradition of catching a car on the road also alive. The average cost of moving by taxi inside the bank — from 500 tenge, to move from one to another— 700 — 1,000 ($1,84 — 2,63) tenge.

Мила Астана (2).jpg

Ulan Bator, Natalia. Many Mongols have cars because the customs duty on the import of cars is low. The family often has two cars.

The fare on the trolleybus costs 300 ($0,11) tugriks, bus 500 ($0,20) tugriks. Taxi and hitchhiking are very popular. Their price is fixed — 1,000 ($0.40) tugriks per kilometre.

Dushanbe, Bakhrom. The minimum cost of a taxi ride is about $1 for three kilometres, then each kilometre will cost 25 cents.

In a month I spend $60-70 on taxi services. Sometimes cars pick up people along the way. It will cost 50 cents per trip.

Душанбе 2.jpg

Public transport is represented by buses, trolleybuses, minibuses. A trip on such transport costs 10 cents with a plastic card.


Astana, Mila. The average cost of products for a family of four is 10,000 — 15,000 ($26-39) tenge per week. This is the amount for the purchase of basic products — meat, cereals, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, bread. Of course, children make their own adjustments. In our family, it is every day an additional expense of at least 1,000 ($2.63) tenge.

Favorite restaurants cost us an average of 12,000 — 15,000 ($31-39) tenge per bill.

Ulan Baton, Natalia. In Mongolia, people eat a lot of meat. Accordingly, we have a lot of cafes, eateries serving Mongolian dishes.

Наталья Улан-Батор (5).jpg

The average check per person in a cafe is $3, in restaurants — $10.

A loaf of bread costs $0.39. One litre of milk — $0,93. Cheaper to buy meat on the market. The cheapest meat — lamb — $3.8 per kilogram, the cost of beef and horse meat about $4.8.

Dushanbe, Bakhrom. Lunch in a cafe or in a medium-level dining room costs about $2-3 per person, about the same dinner in the restaurant will cost $6-7.

On the purchase of products, I spend about $100 per month, taking into account the fact that I live alone and purchase products in the supermarket.


Astana, Mila. We don't really like entertainments. A trip with two children to entertainment centres is not cheap and costs about 15,000 tenge ($39).

Ulan Bator, Natalia. Mongolia is a singing country, so people like to go to karaoke here. One hour of karaoke will cost $4.7. The entrance to the coolest nightclub in Ulan Bator will cost $15,5.

Dushanbe, Bakhrom. Dushanbe has a lot of entertainments. For example, karting costs $1 per circle, bowling — about $10 per person, for a movie ticket will cost you from $3-5 per session.

бахром (2).jpg

In winter, you can go to the ski resort. This pleasure will cost at least $100 with the equipment per person for a day. Friday at the bar or club will cost about $20 including drinks.


Astana, Mila. Astana has a large amount of different fitness and gyms, swimming pools, but in our family, only children are fond of sports. For the sports section, parents pay about 15,000 ($39) per month. For two children from the same family, as a rule, make discounts.

Astana has a large amount of different fitness and gyms, swimming pools

Ulan Bator, Natalia. The Mongols likes to do sports, therefore, Ulan Bator has many sports clubs, gyms at various levels from $20 to $60 for a monthly membership.

Membership for the same period for yoga will cost about $30 per person.

Dushanbe, Bakhrom. A membership card to good fitness costs $300-500, but there are cheaper fitness rooms. You can find a room with a membership for $50-100.

Other expenses

Astana, Mila. For the services of a speech therapist, we pay 2,800 — 3,500 tenge per session. The private kindergarten on the state grant costs in 25,000—30,000 ($66-79) tenge, without subsidy 40,000 — 45,000 ($105 — 118) tenge and above.

Ulan Bator, Natalia. Private kindergarten costs from $70 to $100 per month. Public gardens are free, and many people want to get there. In Mongolia, there is such a practice — kindergarten child gets the lottery. If you win, your child goes to the garden for free for a year.

Also, residents of Ulan Bator are spending money on teaching children at school. High school costs from $800 per year, private elite schools with English-language bias — from $5,000 to $10,000 per year.

For a visit to a narrow medical specialist, citizens pay $20. All tests are paid, the prices in public and private clinics are about the same.

Наталья Улан-Батор (6).jpg

Dushanbe, Bakhrom. All medicines in Tajikistan are imported, so they are more expensive than in the CIS countries.

A minimum set of tests in a private clinic costs $10-20, in the state cheaper.

I also spend money on clothing. Most often I ordered, as in Dushanbe, a small selection is quite difficult to find original products. We almost don't have discounts, unlike many countries.


Astana, Mila. The average salary in Astana 80 000 — 120,000 ($210-315) tenge. However, there is also a large percentage of citizens receiving a higher salary 150,000—200,000 ($394-525) tenge.

Ulan Bator, Natalia. Salary in Ulan Bator of a middle manager is $400—500 per month.

Dushanbe, Bakhrom. The average salary starts from $50-60, people from my environment get about $300-500.

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