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Hockey players in Canada on how to earn $500,000 a year


Hockey players in Canada on how to earn $500,000 a year

Bulbul Kartanbay, 25 years old, hometown — Almaty, professional hockey player


About career choice

I came to hockey at the age of 13, and my mother brought me there. Since my childhood, I have had a tendency to sport, so at the age of 12 I had entered the sports school and choose ice hockey.

Last five years I played in Astana for the professional women's hockey club «Tomiris» — farm club of the KHL team «Barys», where I was the captain of the team. At some point, I realized I needed professional growth. Then I already received the world-class master of sports, participated in the World Cups and Universiade games, therefore, decided to go to Canada.

I came to Canada at the invitation of a professional team Calgary Inferno, and at the moment I play for the team Calgary Coyotes.

About hockey in Canada

Hockey is very developed here. Children are given in the classes from two to three years, in addition here a huge number of ice arenas. In Calgary where I live about 50 closed rinks with open in general 90 rinks.

Canada has a huge number of lakes and rivers, therefore in winter Canadians love to spend time outdoors, go to the mountains to skate and play hockey.

The most popular teams in Canada are NHL squads. Since I live in Calgary my team and I often go to see Calgary Flames play. The city of Edmonton is three hours drive from Calgary and we went to the Edmonton Oilers game against Vegas Golden Knights. Such events can gather almost the entire city.


About working conditions

Gaming experience developed in this country. In any arena, there are certain times when anyone can play hockey. Different people are divided into two teams and enjoy playing.

Here is a different approach to training all aimed at efficiency. For example, the NHL team Calgary Inferno has a special fitness trainer, which deals only with girls.

Training may take only 45 minutes, but in terms of intensity and productivity, it will be equivalent to a two-hour training.

There is a huge competition: about 40-50 candidates who play well will come to the training camp in a good hockey team. Every second resident of Canada at least once played hockey, so this sport is everywhere and everyone is engaged with it.

For beginners is easy to adapt in the team. For me personally, the only barrier is language. My level of English was not so good, but the team members were friendly and responsive, constantly asking me about something. The team will support a good player, and the main thing is to make efforts.

The level of the game here is different, more contact and frisky game, with many fast gears. Having come here from Kazakhstan, I corresponded to the level of the third or fourth level.

About plans

I want to successfully finish the season and take the prize. In April of this year, I am going to the World Cup with the national team of Kazakhstan, which will be held in Beijing. After that, I want to go to the training camp in America, but everything will depend on the visa. If my visa will be denied, I will return to Canada.

Scott Jacklin, 28 years old, hometown — Kimberly, professional hockey player


About career choice

I started playing hockey by imitating my brother. At that time I was three years old. After that, I could not part with a hockey stick and clearly realised that I want to become a hockey player.

About hockey in Canada

Hockey is an important part of Canadian culture. All grow up playing on the streets, on lakes and on open skate rinks. I think this sport is popular due to Canada's success in supplying NHL players, as well as its availability. I grew up in a small town with a population of 7,000 people, and we practically lived on ice, spent all our free time there.

The most famous and oldest hockey teams in Canada are «Montreal» and «Toronto».

About working conditions

Usually, my schedule during the season consists of several workouts a day and classes in the gym and on the ice when we don't have a play.

I'm playing in France this season. We have 44 regular season games and five French Cup games. Then play-off and in total about 55-65 games during the season. Everything depends on how the team is playing. Our team plays in the first League — Magnus League.

I would say for beginners is not easy to find a team for a professional game in the top and middle leagues of Europe. In North America even more difficult to play, because all the best players want to play there.

In France, the average imported player will receive about 1,500 - 2,000 euros per month. There is a big difference in paying for mid-level leagues from the top leagues. I have been playing in ECHL for 3 years, and the average salary was about $2,800 a month. If you play in AHL salary will be two times more than a salary of the average ECHL player. The minimum wage for the year in NHL exceeds $500,000.

About plans

Hockey allowed me to travel and meet interesting people. In the future, I would like continuing to travel and play in different countries. Work to get into the best League in Europe.

Chris Lijdsman, 27 years old, hometown — Calgary, professional hockey player

Chris 2.jpg

About career choice

I became a hockey player due to my father. As a child, he played hockey and reached a high level in juniors. Therefore, dad made me skate before I could walk. By his words, I started skating at the age of two.

I started my first season a year earlier than usual and played as a minor. I was five years old at the time.

About hockey in Canada

Hockey is popular in Canada and almost a family ritual during the holidays. There are five areas near my home in my hometown. In winter every pond and lake turns into a place for games. Also, many skating rinks are outside the house with boards and nets where you can play at any time.

I grew up in Calgary, Canada. So I have to say that «Calgary Flames» is the most popular team in Canada. Of course, some teams of the original six are popular, especially the Canadian ones. For example, «Maple Leafs» in Toronto and «Montreal Canadiens» in Montreal.

About working conditions

Working conditions in North America are generally good. We are spoiled because the sport is popular here.

Training during the season runs from Monday to Friday. We train on ice in the morning for one or two hours, and then we have classes in the gym. We also play two or three games a week. One day off.

In the summer I take about two weeks off and then start training in the gym. I try staying away from the ice after the last game to take a break from the previous season.

Currently, I am playing Florida in the US as a defender. Pensacola is a beautiful city on the Gulf of Mexico. All players have apartments right on the beach.

For beginners difficult to find a job in the field of professional hockey in Europe and North America. All depends on your resume. If it is good then much easier to find a job.

In North America, the job will depend on your skill. You can easily be fired or sent to the League status below if you do not perform the tasks. In Europe is also difficult to play if you are not a proven player. Because of the limited number of seats, import regulations, a large number of North Americans, the competition is tough.

Hockey is an expensive sport. Several charity programs to help people. That's why I like that professional clubs in Europe transfer their equipment to juniors after the season.

About plans

I continue playing professional hockey and plan to play for many years. But I'm also working on plans after the game. Maybe I will become a firefighter, so I want to practice and participate in volunteer work.

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