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Food bloggers about how breakfast looks like in different countries of the world


Food bloggers about how breakfast looks like in different countries of the world

Cairo, Egypt

Shaan Terzibashian and Melissa Harcharan, @cairofoodiecouple


In Egypt, breakfast usually consists of fried or boiled eggs, beans, falafel, which is not made of hummus, and crushed fava beans. French fries and traditional Egyptian bread is also added.

Eagga it is a dish that consists of scrambled eggs mixed in with the dough. The cooking time depends on whether the dough is ready. It will take 20 minutes to serve a full table. Also long-cooked beans, so it is done in advance. When it's ready, the beans put in the fridge and the morning warm up. The process of preparation of fava beans takes 36 hours — first during the day they settle in water, and then cook for nine hours.


Breakfast is usually bought in street cafes, and it's cheap and fast. Some people can cook at home but take the dish already at work. In street cafes, such Breakfast usually costs up to a dollar per person.

Now there are traditional gourmet breakfasts. We recommend the Zooba place — it's a bit more expensive than the usual restaurant, but they have a special kitchen. They have many branches in Cairo and Alexandria.

Tokyo, Japan

Aki Nakagawa, hometown — Tokyo, @aki_russia, food blogger, Japanese food expert


If we talk about the traditional Japanese breakfast, it consists of a cup of boiled rice, without salt, pickles — most often pickled Japanese plum or vegetables, miso soup with vegetables or algae in the traditional fish broth «Dashi» with soy paste. It can be fried fish, semi-dried fish, and it's grilled. There is a dish «natto»— fermented beans. But in the 21st century is rarely found, this kind of breakfast mainly for large families where there is an older generation. Most often, the Japanese eat bread, salad, egg and coffee or tea for breakfast.

Mostly everyone eats breakfast at home. In kindergarten and school are often asked whether children had breakfast at home. We believe that breakfast is an important family time, eating is important for children's health and soul.


We set a timer in the rice cooker the day before. So in the morning, the cooking takes 20 minutes. Japanese dishes must be prepared quickly to eat fresh. A little later it won't taste so good. We leave nothing behind, like the Russians, who can keep a dish in the fridge.

Even a lot of tourists already know: to try a traditional good breakfast, it is necessary to reserve not an ordinary hotel, but «ryokan» — a hotel in traditional Japanese style. There, the room rate includes a gourmet dinner and a Japanese breakfast.

Mexico City, Mexico

Lalo Ortega, 28 years old, hometown — Mexico city, journalist, movie critic and blogger

Traditional breakfasts in Mexico are different in each region. Mexican cuisine is quite heavy, there are tomatoes and a lot of spices in the dishes. Therefore, a typical breakfast consists of an omelette with tomatoes, onion and chilli or huevos a la Mexicana.


A dish tamale consists of flavoured corn dough, wrapped in meat or bananas. It can be bought from street vendors from the beginning of the day. The traditional dish of barbacoa is lamb cooked over low heat. It's usually eaten with a corn tortilla. This dish is often eaten on Sundays, and it is considered a good remedy for a hangover.

Another traditional breakfast is chilaquiles. These are corn tortilla chips soaked in a spicy sauce of red or green chilli tomatoes. Usually served with sweet and sour sauce and cheese. This dish is often cooked at home, easily and quickly.

In all major cities in the street markets from traders, you can buy breakfast. That's where you'll find real Mexican food. It does not need fantastic gourmet restaurants. Better to come and ask locals point where they sell tamales and barbacoa.

Milan, Italy

Monica Papagna, 39 years old, hometown — Milan, food blogger


In Italy, breakfast mainly consists of sweets: coffee, tea or milk with rolls, cookies or bread with jam. Habits are changing now, and we eat less sugar. So there were alternative breakfasts, such as granola or porridge. Delicious breakfasts are always prepared in hotels. Italians do not cook at home, and they prefer to buy a cup of coffee and a hot croissant with a filling in a familiar coffee shop or bar.


Every day we prepare a quick breakfast if we go to work in the morning. At the weekend we allow ourselves to cook and sit at the table for a long time. In Italy, we drink one coffee a day, even if we have little time. It's a pleasure we can afford in the morning.

In Milan, there are several places where you can taste delicious breakfasts. The best brioche is prepared in Pasticceria Marchesi, the best cappuccino in Panificio Davide Longoni, delicious pastries in Pasticceria Giacomo, in Duomo. Beautiful views from Vista Darsena restaurant — there is a good menu, pastries and delicious coffee.

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