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Firefighters from Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia on how to become a firefighter and earn €2,800 per month


Firefighters from Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia on how to become a firefighter and earn €2,800 per month


Lucas Mayer, 27 years old, hometown ― Karlsruhe, fire mechanic, @16lulu08

Firefighters from Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia on how to become a firefighter and earn €2,800 per month

About career choice

Since childhood, I have dreamed of becoming a fireman. Despite the danger, the image of a man saving people's lives inspired.

At first, I worked in the fire department as a volunteer. After 18 years of volunteering, I became a full-fledged fireman.

About fire protection in Germany

The fire department in Germany is modern and fits international standards. The profession of a firefighter is popular and prestigious. Every year held strict selection, 1500 people apply for one vacant place.

A firefighter is a civil servant, provided with the good social package. The state creates favourable working conditions. New equipment, special techniques, working uniform, all made to the best standards.

In Germany, you can become a firefighter after turning 18 years old. It is necessary to pass exams, medical examination and collect documents. The retirement age for firefighters is 55 years.

About working conditions

I work as a mechanic in a fire department. I have to monitor the condition of the equipment. I work 39 hours a week.

After enrolling in the fire department, it is important not to forget about further education, courses to maintain mental and physical health, and increase salary.

The average salary of a firefighter is €2,800 per month, excluding taxes. There are many benefits, including a long vacation ― 30 days.

Every call is a human life, so you need to feel responsible

The work of a firefighter is not just a profession and vocation. Every call is a human life, so you need to feel responsible.

I advise beginners to exercise physically and mentally, to communicate with colleagues and appreciate loved ones.

About the plans

To develop, to become better, to temper myself physically and mentally, so the decision I would make could save someone's life.


Vladimir Zenkov, 31 years old, hometown ― Krasnodar, firefighter

Firefighters from Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia on how to become a firefighter and earn €2,800 per month

About career choice

I never aspired to become a firefighter, and it was not my childhood dream. I had to choose a University after graduating from high school. My school teacher of fundamentals of health and safety saw I had good health and athletic body. And he offered me to enroll in the university of emergencies and become a firefighter. I thought about this, read books and watched videos about the work of firefighters. The profession inspired me, and I decided to become a firefighter.

About fire protection in Russia

Russia is a huge country, ranks first in the world in terms of territory. The protection and security of such territories require large expenditures, both economic and physical. Therefore, the profession of a firefighter is always in demand, especially in remote regions.

In recent years fire protection in Russia is developing. New fire stations are being built and new equipment is appearing. Since the EMERCOM is a state unit, all employees are civil servants and receive a full social package. Firefighters retire earlier, receive vouchers to resorts and sanatoriums.

Firefighters from Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia on how to become a firefighter and earn €2,800 per month

About working conditions

You sign a temporary employment contract when you get hired. The main contract is concluded after six months of the trial period.

I work in shifts — one day of work, three days off. This schedule allows spending time with family and differentiates work and personal life. Also, many employees of the fire department live in the regions: they work in the city and live in the village and vice versa.

Actively train ― intellectually, physically and mentally

Anyone who will pass a medical examination, exams and psychological test can become a firefighter. After turning 18 years old, a person has the right to try himself/herself in the EMERCOM, but the selection is strict.

The average salary of firefighter ― 30,000 — 35,000 rubles per month. This is a small amount, considering the experiencing load of a fireman.

I advise beginners to thoughtfully weigh everything and decide whether they are willing to risk their lives every day. Actively train ― intellectually, physically and mentally.

About the plans

To retire with dignity and go on a long trip to different countries with my family.


Nurtai Yessimkhanov, 44 years old, Zhambyl Village, Akkulinskiy district, fire inspector

Firefighters from Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia on how to become a firefighter and earn €2,800 per month

About career choice

As a child, I dreamed of becoming a doctor and never thought about working in the fire department. However, after military service, I got a job as an inspector in the group of fire prevention brigade. And I stayed in the fire department for years.

About fire protection in Kazakhstan

Fire protection and work of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Kazakhstan are working on the modernization of units. However, some factors prevent the full development of the structure.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan constantly requires professionals, lack of human resources in the regions. But it the country only one EMERCOM University located in Kostanay. The more educational institutions would work, the better work will be done to ensure safety from fires and natural floods in the regions.

EMERCOM employees are equated to civil servants but do not have sufficient social benefits, like military or police. There is small compensation for utilities, but no benefits for the purchase of housing and other features of the social package.

About working conditions

I am retired, but I have worked in the fire department for 15 years and became a lieutenant-colonel of civil protection. During my career, I have occupied various senior positions, which required serious responsibility. Our fire department was engaged in the prevention and suppression of forest fires, provided security within settlements and developed protective measures in the flood period.

The fire inspector works five days a week for eight hours. The official weekly load is 40 hours. However, you often have to be on duty, carry out patrol rounds and be prepared for emergencies. The average salary of fire inspector ― 120,000 — 150,000 tenge per month.

Firefighters from Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia on how to become a firefighter and earn €2,800 per month

Firefighters work in shifts: one day of work, three days off. Novice firefighter receives an average of 80,000 tenge per month.

100% ready is the motto of any fire department

Vacation days, as well as salary, depends on the length of service. The minimum is 30 vacation days, and as the length of service increases, the number increases to 45 days.

Work in the fire department is always associated with risks. Every working day can bring many surprises. 100% ready is the motto of any fire department. A good firefighter has a clear head and moral fortitude, and only after that physical strength. Sober and cold mind helps in critical situations.

I suggest young firefighters to continuously develop the courage and resilience to protect comrades. Each member of the team is a valuable employee who saves hundreds of lives.

About the plans

To spend more time with family. I plan to go on a trip.

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