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Farrukh Umarov on how, after graduating from Oxford, he returned to Tajikistan and created an educational center

Farrukh Umarov

29 years old, Dushanbe city, co-founder and director of the Ilmkhona Skills Accelerator, @farrukh_umari


Farrukh Umarov on how, after graduating from Oxford, he returned to Tajikistan and created an educational center


About myself

I was born and raised in Tajikistan. I believe in the bright future of my country and I want to be involved in it.

I am passionate. When I take on something, I give myself completely to the case and bring it to the end. I'm also responsible. I'm looking for the positive in everything, I don't get hung up on the negative. I am sociable and friendly with people around.

Honesty, fairness and the desire to share knowledge are important to me. That's why I enjoy working with people. I like to help others realize their own potential and make goals a reality.

I love sports. I have been a fan of the Real Madrid football club since 2002. I used to actively play football myself. Now I regularly go to the gym to keep myself in good shape, to monitor my health.

I believe in the bright future of my country and I want to be involved in it

I'm interested in philosophy.
It answers important questions, helps to get to know yourself better, to become more aware. One of my favorite philosophers is John Rawls, who wrote the work "The Theory of Justice".

I love board strategy games. A big fan of music, namely rap. I like old-school rap, which is also connected with philosophy, carries reflections, an important message. This is modern poetry. My favorite performer is Kendrick Lamar, the first non-jazz and non-classical musician to win the Pulitzer Prize.

I am a happy person. What makes me happy is the opportunity to do something that brings great pleasure. I like to see how work gives results and changes someone's life for the better.

About life principles

My main principle is to finish what I started.

Another principle is to live in such a way as to bring benefit and joy to at least one person.


I don't like sycophancy. I appreciate sincerity in people, I try to be like that myself.

Life without difficulties would be uninteresting. That's why I like challenges, difficult situations. I see opportunities for growth and development in every struggle. I do not waste time on suffering, but immediately look for ways to solve the problem.

About people in life

People who influenced me and my personality are my parents. Mom taught diligence, showed that in order to achieve something, you need to try, make efforts. Dad taught me not to be content with little, to always strive for more, to be the best version of myself. He always asked me the question: "What's next?". Now I ask myself this question after each new achievement.

People who influenced me and my personality are my parents

I am glad that there are many friends in my life. These are young, energetic and caring people who care about the future of Tajikistan. They are looking for new opportunities and ways to realize their potential. We are united by openness to the world and common values.

Friends always give honest feedback, healthy criticism, for which I am grateful to them. I can consult with them, share ideas, emotions, achievements. I know that they will support me in any situation.

About the activity

I studied at AUCA and at Oxford. After graduation, worked in Israel, in an organization that connected local startups with external investors, companies. There were already not enough IT specialists in the country at that time. We developed a strategy to attract developers from abroad.

I thought about the fact that a similar problem will arise in Tajikistan in the future. There are not so many natural resources in our country, but there is a main asset — people. Almost 70% of Tajikistan's population is young people under 30 years of age. We rely on them, help them learn a new profession, and develop the IT industry in the country.


So I became the co-founder and director of the Ilmhona Skills Accelerator. We have been working for four years. During this time, more than 1,000 people have been trained, more than 100 people have been employed as programmers and designers. The company's goal is to create a technological institute that will produce first-class specialists. To make sure that not immigrants come from Tajikistan to the construction sites of other countries, but talented modern personnel.

Our graduates work in telecom companies, banks, outsourcing teams, creative agencies in Tajikistan. We plan to enter the foreign market so that our graduates work in other cities of Central Asia and in English-speaking countries.

Recently, we became one of the five programming schools around the world in which the San Francisco foundation invested. Thanks to this, we test the work model when we first train and employ people, and only then we receive payment for our services. If the pilot is successful, we will enter the markets of Central Asian countries.

There are plans to create a Talent House for people from all over Central Asia. Become a bridge that will unite them with global technology companies.

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