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About life in Manhattan: Expensive apartments, emigrants and life 24/7


About life in Manhattan: Expensive apartments, emigrants and life 24/7

Christina Val, 25 years old, hometown-Karaganda, New York University student

About housing

I went to the University of New York to study design. As a student, I was provided with a hostel, but I was not satisfied with the living conditions, and I began to look for other options. Together with the guys from the group, we found a nice apartment in the centre of Manhattan.

This building is also a hostel, there are small rooms, and the bathroom and kitchen are on the other floor. But it is a good area and affordable housing prices. For convenience, we went shopping and bought Essentials. Among the students spread out to take his Ramatov. We divide finances into food, utilities. The only and huge minus-garbage and dirt in the house. Americans or visitors do not keep order and can throw a Cup of coffee in any place.

A couple of blocks from our house to the Empire State Building. In the evening we can walk with friends to the Park or go to the cafe, which is a myriad.

About life rhythm


I feel more comfortable living alone, so I find it difficult to make contact. And in New York, especially Manhattan, you're in constant contact with people. In the morning on the way to the University and in the evening, returning home. During this time, so many events can happen you even stop to notice and wonder.

It was difficult to navigate the subway, so I catch a taxi. But even Manhattan has its own secluded places. In such a quiet and cosy cafe, we mostly go. Still love to walk to the waterfront, which offers a beautiful view.

About people

In this city, most of all I like different people and their energy. Here, everyone will smile at you, and they can come to talk and get acquainted because they feel you are a visitor.

In spare time, you can go to a meeting of his compatriots, which in the city a lot. I'm not so close to them, and I have more American friends. People who live in downtown Manhattan and out of town are very different. The locals don't like the city as much as the visitors.

Igor Dobriansky, 27 years old, hometown — Vinnitsa, Founder & CEO in Sizecar


About housing

I lived in Manhattan, in the heart of New York City near the Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park. I live in New York comfortable and convenient. Every morning when I leave my room at the Hilton, I see something like this — from 07:00 to 09: 00 everyone runs to work with a Cup of coffee in his hand and talking on a mobile phone at the same time. On the streets you hear the train coffee and American breakfasts, taxi drivers honking to each other and the city begins to come alive. Manhattan is home to the offices of almost every major Corporation in the world, so almost two million people live and work in this small area alone. Here are concentrated luxury cars, tall skyscrapers, beautifully and stylishly dressed people.

The average cost of an apartment in Manhattan is one and a half million dollars. In New York, almost every business is thriving, this city is full of money, and they circulate in it around the clock. In addition to local millionaires, about 50 million tourists come to New York every year and spend $ 28 billion a year. Restaurants, hotels, taxis, souvenir shops, huge shops and supermarkets are always filled with customers. In New York, any taxi driver can become a millionaire, and this is the reality.

There are plenty of free activities and entertainment in Manhattan — just Google New York free, and you can get at least a hundred pages with free seminars, training, yoga classes in the Park and museums.

About life rhythm

New York is a city that never sleeps, and even at nightlife rages here. In New York City, the metro and buses run around the clock and can easily be reached anywhere in the city 24 hours a day. At any time of the day and day of the week, in any area of the city, you can eat.

In one day in New York and Manhattan, you can visit several countries at once — China, Italy, Japan, Poland, Ireland. Everywhere you can feel the authentic atmosphere. New York is a city of contrasts, if you are here for the first time, a lot will surprise you.

About people

Here you can find a resident of any country, mixed many cultures. And you can be sure that even with a terrible accent, he will still speak English to you. The locals call themselves New Yorkers. I quickly got used to the pace and rhythm of life in this metropolis. I'm not so close to them, and I have more American friends. If you compare with any European country, it is quite different, and to feel like a German, for example, you need to live there for more than one generation.

New York has opened for me a huge number of opportunities and useful connections. I admire this city and the people who live here. These are open and ready to make contact people, even if they see you for the first time in life.

Alexandra Kalinkina, 30 years old, hometown — Novosibirsk, designer, photographer

About housing

Life here is expensive. But if you find a job, you will not notice the price of everyday purchases. During the move, I immediately prepared for the fact that I would have to urgently look for housing. The housing problem in New York is the most acute. I found an apartment to rent with other expats. Many people go to Brooklyn because there are lower prices. When choosing an apartment it is necessary to pay attention to what services and conditions are included in the payment. And it is better to get acquainted with the roommates, otherwise, it will be hard to live with strangers. With the payment of the room, my parents help me, and I take part in my salary.

With my flatmates, we shared the payment for utilities as well as the Internet. The total amount comes out about $ 1500 per month. The down payment for the month will be more than usual and will come out at $ 3000. Buy an apartment for me here is almost impossible.

Near the house, there are many food delivery services. When I go to work, I can call and order something to eat, and the food will be delivered on time. Almost all places here work around the clock.

I walk around New York City on foot. Near my house in the walking distance, there is everything you need for life. Here is my job, a small coffee shop where I have lunch, a Park, as well as a good transport interchange — buses and the metro.

About life rhythm

If you live here for a long time, you do not pay attention to Times Square, skyscrapers and bright billboards — it affects only tourists. Here the day begins early in the morning and ends late in the evening, as such there is no break. I think America is a country where you can quickly integrate into society and feel comfortable. I like the way life is in here. I wouldn't want to move.


The young guys from our house almost no one has cars. But when you go out in the morning, a queue of people catch a taxi. We often call a taxi through the app, and the most common is Uber.

About people

At first, it was difficult for me to establish contact with girls-lodgers, but now we regularly arrange the viewing of cinema and we prepare in the General kitchen. I thought I would meet new people every day, but I just don't have the time. In our house all strictly, always order. But neighbours in other apartments are constantly changing, and it's annoying.

In Russia, I could easily go to the neighbours to visit or just say Hello on the landing, knew all the names. It's not. But can hold meetings of tenants, if need to collect money to repair something vital.

Almost everyone in the area is foreigners, so there is no typical American. All people are like you, trying to adjust to the new pace of life. Due to the fact that everyone has enough of his or her own problems, people do not discuss personal topics so much, they are more pleasant to discuss politics. It is easy to make acquaintance here, but it is difficult to make friends. When you move to live alone, you'll be uncomfortable.

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