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About how to work as a teacher in England and earn more than 1000 000 tenge


About how to work as a teacher in England and earn more than 1000 000 tenge

Olga Wilde, 38 years old, primary school teacher

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-09 at 4.52.05 PM.jpeg

About the choice of the profession and employment

I graduated from the faculty of foreign languages in Belarus and started my professional career there. And in 2005 I got married and moved to England. There I confirmed my diploma and started working in my speciality. At first, I taught French courses. And after maternity leave, I started working at the school with young children. I've been teaching French to young children ever since.

Anyone can start working in the field of education. Finding a job here is not difficult, as there are not enough teachers, especially teachers of chemistry and mathematics for high school. There is also a point system for teachers, as in Australia, and teachers of chemistry and mathematics receive the largest number of points.

In England, teachers are untrained in pedagogical universities. Anyone with an education who wants to teach at school can do it. You only need undergoing training, which lasts nine months.

About features of work

I am an elementary school teacher and work about 20 hours a week. If the teacher works full-time at the school, then it 40 hours a week. Teachers stay after school because they have much paperwork. The positive moment it's when children have holidays, teachers have holidays too.

I come to the school with my plan and preparations and conduct a lesson. The duties of primary school teachers also include attending meetings, accompanying children on trips, training.

The salaries of primary school teachers are lower than those of high school teachers. Here, as in the CIS countries, there are categories of teachers, which determine the salary of the teacher. You can earn between £20,000 and £30,000 a year. Also, income depends on the city. In London, for example, the salary is about 15% higher than in small towns like Nottingham.

In England, there is such a thing as the supply teacher. The teachers who work as replacements. This is in primary and high school. There are special agencies where the teacher signs up. The teacher gets a call and goes out to a certain school, and they work during the day or week. Supply teachers can earn 100-140 pounds a day.

There is no social package for teachers. The only thing is a pension. Everyone has a state pension, plus you can pay and receive a private pension. Teachers get a good pension anyway.

There is no professional growth at the school. The only development is the opportunity to become a headmaster. But it doesn't happen often.

About plans

In England, a favourable climate for starting a business. For example, I issued documents for my company in one day. Entrepreneurs are also exempt from paying taxes in the first year. I would like to create a franchise from my company and attract as many teachers as possible.

Henry Manuel, 37 years old, hometown — Oxford, teacher


About the choice of the profession and employment

I became a teacher when I was 28. And when I worked a little, gained experience, I realized I get great pleasure from this work.

About features of work

I worked in England for two years in an elementary school in a small village. And when I worked a little, gained experience, I realized I get great pleasure from this work. I liked it there because of the public spirit, it was not very difficult to work there. Because the work in some schools is much more difficult in matters of children's behaviour.

In England, there is a strong pressure on teachers because public schools have a small budget. There are also high requirements for paperwork and other administrative things.

When you start a teaching career in England, you don't get a lot of money. Of course, it is difficult if you live in an expensive city, such as Oxford.

The working day can last a long time, as a lot of work at school. Teachers can start the day at 08:00, stay at school until 18:00 and still take work home. Working on weekends is normal for many people.

The duties of a teacher are endless — you have to do everything. Teaching children is a small part of the job. My school was small, we had a few employees, so I had to fix a clogged toilet, solve computer problems, take the kids to football matches, clean up the classroom.

About plans

I work as a teacher in Kazakhstan and would like to continue to work in different countries, to gain all kinds of experience around the world.

Jen Foster, 27 years old, hometown — London, teacher

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-10 at 4.41.51 PM.jpeg

About the choice of the profession and employment

I became a teacher in 2012. I wanted to be a teacher because I wasn't the smartest, prettiest or most interesting kid in school. I didn't want any other child to feel the same way. I want every child to feel special so that they can find their true purpose, realize their potential.

About features of work

Among the advantages, I can note there are many opportunities for professional growth. The work of a teacher in London is promising, you get good money, you are perceived as a professional. London schools have more budgets, so teachers have more resources, connections, free workshops, technology. The rights of teachers are highly valued and protected.

The minuses is the amount of work. In England, people have high expectations of teachers. And you can feel like a loser if you don't justify it. Of course, there are difficulties associated with parents.

When you start working as a teacher in London, you get a lot of support. Of course, it should be clear all schools are different. When I started, I got time without lessons after lunch, met with my mentor every week to go through the plan. I could watch other teachers and I had access to their books and records if I wanted. I could also request a training and be paid for it.

When I first started, I worked from 07:00 to 17:30 every day, also on Sundays it is about 60 hours a week. In the second year, the hours dropped to 45, I stopped working on weekends and left work early.

In London, the salary of novice teachers 29,000 pounds, the figure increases by 1,000 pounds every year.

About plans

I don't know what I'll do in the future. Now my husband and I went to Malaysia for two years, as we needed a break from work. We're going back to London in July, and I'm not sure where I'm going to work.

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