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A lawyer from Britain on why he decided to invest in the business in Kazakhstan

Mark Beer

49 years old, hometown — Oxford, lawyer, Chairman of The Metis Institute 


A lawyer from Britain on why he decided to invest in the business in Kazakhstan

About Kazakhstan
I first came to Kazakhstan in November. Shortly before arriving, I was hiking in the mountains of Argentina, and for that trip, I bought the warmest ski jacket that I brought with me. When I left the airport, I looked at the weather, and the temperature outside was minus 40, not counting the wind. I thought it was colder than ever, but despite the cold outside, the reception was warm. I felt the culture of hospitality in Kazakhstan.

I liked that at the end of the meal, according to tradition, everyone has the opportunity to say a few words. I brought this tradition to Europe.

During the second visit to Kazakhstan, it was much warmer, it was in the spring.

Borovoe is one of the most beautiful places on the planet

One day we decided to go to Kazakhstan's Switzerland — Borovoe. We quickly packed up and went there. We fished on the lake and had dinner in a yurt with the family, where many toasts and speeches were said.
Borovoe is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Last winter I brought my whole family to Almaty to ski. I liked walking there, because it is one of the few ski resorts where you can go to the mountains on the path, among the trees. We dined in the middle of the forest. Nature is untouched, as in many ski resorts. It was quiet, as it should be. I went from a cold winter in Astana to spring in Borovoe and a wonderful trip to Almaty.

I knew about Kazakhstan before I arrived because I am a big fan of space. My goal is to visit the spaceport. I know all about the history of Kazakhstan related to space. I also attended a school where Russian was taught. I'm familiar with Cyrillic.

About people
I like the entrepreneurial spirit of many Kazakhstanis who want to become better and make life better for themselves, their families, and the next generation, who see they can make a difference.


I am familiar with the culture and traditions of the locals, and they are similar to the culture of the Middle East, it is a culture of hospitality, friendship, trust, a culture that I enjoy. This is what makes Kazakhstan and the Middle East successful because it is rare these days in a world where you do business. You do business with your friends, and it's valuable.

Family is important here, just as it is for me, I have five children. I share this loyalty to my family.

I have a rule: wherever I am, talk to taxi drivers, they will tell you what is going on, I recommend it to you. This way you will learn more about the country.

But my Russian is so bad I didn't get to talk to taxi drivers, so I want to improve my Russian now to fix it.

About the work
I came to Kazakhstan to help with the work of the Supreme Court.

The possibility of using technology to provide people with legal help is something we want to explore.

Problems that many people face: employment, problems with the boss, the landlord, or the landlord problems with the tenant, problems with land borders in agriculture, divorce, and minor crimes. Things that seem insignificant, but are painful to those who are affected. Every citizen should have the right to receive legal help if they have problems. I'm very excited about it.


The country's leadership has a hundred clear steps and a certain vision. I can make this vision come true.

Many people would like to do business in Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries, but do not know how, because they are not familiar with the judicial system, the language, this is a difficult place for business in the eyes of investors. The AIFC creates conditions, a safe space, and laws. This will help Kazakhstan's economic growth.

AIFC is about creating opportunities in Kazakhstan

What will we see as a result? More jobs, opportunities, investment, and a diverse economy. For example, Switzerland as well as Kazakhstan is a country without access to the sea. Traditionally, such countries have not developed very well. But in Switzerland, everything is good, because they have great chocolate, watches, ski resorts, cheese, and it is a hub for wealth. This is reliable and secure. Investors from all over the world can invest in Switzerland. The AIFC is about creating opportunities in Kazakhstan. If Kazakhstan will become reliable for investment, it'll be the Switzerland of Asia.

Many of the world's great schools are opening in Dubai, the education minister said: "I am proud of this, but I will be more proud when Dubai College opens in London." Now we see that many international companies are opening in Kazakhstan from the AIFC, but I also see another thing — Kazakhstani companies use the AIFC as a gateway to the international market. It is important to have views on attracting foreign companies to Kazakhstan and expanding Kazakh companies abroad — this is an indicator that the financial center is working.


I opened a law firm in Kazakhstan. You have fantastic lawyers, and we will work with them in favor of businesses that want to invest in Kazakhstan and the CIS. Businesses all over the world are looking for a new market, without risk, and with high growth. The best way is to be a bridge to connect opportunities and investors. I think that in 10 years we will see a significant increase in investment in Kazakhstan from all over the world. We will see the growth of the AIFC because it is the gateway to Central Asia, Russia, and China.

In 20 years, Nur-Sultan will become the economic heart of Central Asia, and everyone will know this is the place to be if you want to be involved in a market with a lot of growth. That's why I invested in Kazakhstan.

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