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Recommend an inspiring person

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A creative class of Astana: A photographer, designer and tattoo-master on their lives


A creative class of Astana: A photographer, designer and tattoo-master on their lives

Eugenics Mephie, tattoo master

25 years old, hometown — Tselinograd


Music, cinema and literature

I am a music lover, I like different music — from rock to mantra. I have been fond of Buddhism for about six years, and haven’t eaten meat for seven years. Vegetarianism, yoga, mantras calm me down. I loved Linkin Park, they had a big impact on my life.

I’ve loved horror movies since childhood, although now I tend to watch dramas.

My parents always believed that I was a bit unusual child, as I loved watching movies in other languages ​​without even knowing what the actors were saying. At night I could get up, dance and go back to sleep. I was a book worm. They even tried to take me to a psychologist, but he said that I was normal, I was a creative child. I needed everything, I loved everything: drawing, modeling, writing poetry. I also did vocals. I had a great fear that I would not find myself. I was amazed how quickly people find themselves. I'm 25 years old and I'm still looking for myself. It's cool that I'm constantly trying something new, I'm still learning.

Stephen King is one of my favorite writers. As a child, I read Bulgakov and Gogol, now I read Brodsky. Generally, I like fantasy. In my childhood, I read dramas, life stories. I took a lot of experience from books.

Clothes and accessories


I'm a great shopaholic. I have a lot of shoes: I can wear a pair of shoes once in a moth.

I used to like a sport, comfortable style, though now I want to wear something feminine. I like designer clothes. You can make your garment creative just by changing it. I sometimes sew my clothes, paint them.


My ways to have rest depend on the mood. Sometimes I want to lie on the grass, read a book, and sometimes I want to rush into the mountains. I love water - seas and oceans. Near the water my soul rejoices, problems are forgotten. In the evenings I like to sit on the seashore, to watch the sunset- it's wonderful.


There are many establishments in Astana, but I and my friends tend to go to O'Hara. The place is nice, many interesting people can be met there. Every weekend we go for a picnic, for example, there is a wonderful park on the left bank called Aray. There are a lot of people looking at me when I walk down the street, but I'm used to it. My friends are straining a bit, that's why we try to choose deserted places.

Inspiring people

I'm inspired by musicians, such as a young singer Aurora. I like England, English music, culture. Also I'm inspired by artists. My main inspirers are Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali. When I look at their paintings, a muse awakens in me and new ideas for their paintings are born. My father and my friends inspire me even not doing anything. We always spend time creating something interesting, sharing positive things. We make creative shootings, we are engaged in painting or we make something new.

Life aims

Now the purpose of my life is to know the truth of everything. I want to wake up one morning and realize that I know the secret of the universe. It's very strange to live in a world that you do not know. We talk about cities, countries, different places, but we miss something global. I'm fascinated by mysticism; I would like to get over something unusual. I try to understand why we live, I learn as much as possible. I don’t want to realize one day how bored I lived, therefore every day I bring something new into my life.

Sergey Monko, photographer

38 years old, hometown — Dnepropetrovsk

Music, cinema and literature


I have no preferences in literature, I read only the information that I need at the moment. It’s usually technical literature. As a child, I read too much fiction, therefore I don’t enjoy it.

As for music and cinema, I am shelterless, so to speak. I don’t have any preferable style or direction. Therefore, I select a film or music according to my mood. I can definitely say that I do not listen to chanson, I do not watch horrors and films that make me lose my nerves.

But I always have Jamiroquai in my playlist.

Clothes and accessories


I don’t care about brands and labels. I buy what I like. Recently I’ve moved to minimalism - I have two T-shirts and two pairs of jeans, the rest was thrown away. Even in the winter I’ve got a T-shirt and a jacket. Sweaters, suits and shoes were given away to.

As for the accessories, I have one ring that I have worn for long, it brings me luck. And now I've got a watch, only because I have a breastplate that I use for training. And in general, I try not to cover myself with a bunch of accessories.


For me to have rest implies healthy sleep and meals three times a day. I do not go to any restaurants, since I partied too much in a certain period of my life. Therefore now I just try to go somewhere out of town. I love camping, it has a special charm.

Inspiring people


I have no one to follow. There is no person whom I’d try to imitate. I appreciate signs as a present. Noticing them, you will always find an inspiration and something new. I can be inspired by anything, even a video or music.

I’d highlighten Sylvester Stallone. He is 71 and still has huge male charisma and strength. He’s looked up and accepted to be a real man.

Life aims

It’s said that if you tell your dream, it will never come true. I have a big life goal, but it's a secret.

Svetlana Antonovich, creative designer of Luxury Antonovich Design studio

25 years old, native city — Kiev

Music, cinema and literature


I prefer popular music: from Katy Perry to Lady Gaga. I was at the concert of Lady Gaga, after which I fell in love with her even more. Also I like Robbie Williams I would like to visit his concert. And I love the band "Vremya I Steklo" (Время и Стекло ) and the Ukrainian artist Monatik - they are now at the peak of popularity.

The last movie I liked was "Now you see mee". It is interesting, mysterious and easy, it’s a pleasant film for the soul.

Now I'm reading the book "Speech in the style of TED", which is on technique of speaking. The book is useful for those who want to speak beautifully and competently to the public. I need it, as I sometimes act as a speaker at our studio breakfasts sessions.

Clothes and accessories

I prefer Self-Portrait brand, which is now popular. The designer has Malay origin, though lives in London. You have boutique in Astana, it’s in the Highvill LCD, has existed for a year and a half. I also like the London brand Ted Baker. They have excellent quality fabrics and accessories. I’m not adhered to a certain accessories brand, but I like beautiful designer bags and shoes.



The best vacation for me is traveling. Travelling gives me crazy inspiration, an opportunity to unload thoughts and not to think about work. I turn off the phone and go on vacation.

As for the city relax, we have a favorite place in Astana, which is cozy and a home atmosphere, specific aura. It’s called Trattoria, in the Highvill LCD. We love this place.

Recently the Selfie restaurant was opened at The Ritz-Carlton. It has a delicious authentic cuisine and a stunning New York style design.

In the evenings, we like to walk in the Presidential Park, it has a beautiful view of the left bank and Akorda.

Inspiring people


The person who inspires me is my sister. She founded our studio. Her ideas, aspirations, results in work do inspire. We always try to emulate her. My sister teaches us that everything is reachable, the main is to have faith, diligence, perseverance. She has an insanely beautiful office in the center of Dubai, opposite the Burj Khalifa.

Life aims

The nearest goals are the launch of a large project in September, the opening of a center for Italian furniture. Now we have repair works there. There will be a showroom, decorated in the style of hotel rooms, but in different styles. Clients will be shown ready-made solutions in design. It’s at the EXPO Boulevard in Kabanbai batyr street, near the new Mega Mall. We spent a lot of time looking for a room with high ceilings and found it. Our ceilings will be five meters high. We want to show people beautiful, worthy interiors.

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