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9 places in Kazakhstan, where it is possible to live in yurt and to become familiar with the history of the country


9 places in Kazakhstan, where it is possible to live in yurt and to become familiar with the history of the country

Mountain resort hotel "Lesnaya Skazka" (Forest Fairytale)


Address: 1, Oi-Karagai Gorge, Almaty

Felt yurts "Orman Auil"

In the yurt, there is a wooden furniture, a spacious bathroom with a shower and all amenities. The capacity is 2-4 people.

Price: 60 000 KZT for one day

Additional services: the longest in Asia trolley park, rope Adventure Park, own riding arena, ski slope, paintball. On the territory, there are two restaurants and a coffee shop.

Contact details: 8 7273 120 008, sales@skazka.kz

Ethnographic village "Huns"


Address: Novokamennoe Gorge, 35 km from Almaty, in the direction of Talgar

Types of yurts:

— five comfortable economy-class yurts;

— two felt yurts;

— khan's yurt with a summer playground (for banquets)

— a kitchen-yurt

— sauna on the wood

— arbors

— yurts — one-room yurt with a view of the mountains

Each yurt has a bathroom, shower, electric heating, floor covering — carpet.


Comfortable yurt from 9:00 to 20:00 — 8000 KZT;

Yurt-cafe for a day — 35 000 KZT. Without ordering food;

8 rope felt yurt — 25 000 KZT for one day

6 rope felt yurt — 20 000 KZT for one day

A large felt yurt — 180 000 KZT for one day

The cost of renting all yurts includes transportation, installation, assembly, interior decoration.

Additional services: One-day and individual tours, sightseeing tours, hunting with a golden eagle and a falcon.

Contact details: 8 707 051 35 51, 8 707 044 37 37, 8 7272 484 862/63, info@sky-eagle.kz

Rest zone "Alasu"

Address: Village Akshi, 640 km from Almaty, 100 meters from the shore of Alakol

Yurts in national style

Exterior and interior decorations of the yurt are made in the national style. In yurts, there are no conveniences and no technology.

Price: variate depending on the date, from 5000 — 16 000 KZT for one day

Children under 3 years — free of charge. The price includes breakfast.

Additional services: excursions to the islands of Alakol, lake Zhalanash, mountain gorges, ATVs, motor boats, fishing, water activities on the beach. In the recreation area there is a restaurant, playground, sport fields, sauna, SPA, billiards, massage room, parking.

Contact details: 8 7273 150 941, 8 7273 289 673

Park Hotel ”Skif Pestroe”


Address: Lake Pestroe, Petropavlovsk

Yurts in national style

Price for one day:

Yurts with a capacity of up to 12 people — 7 000 —10 000 KZT

Yurt with a capacity of up to 30 people — 10 000 — 15 000 KZT

Yurt with a capacity of up to 50 people — 15 000 — 20 000 KZT

Additional services: Summer cafe, Finnish sauna, sauna on firewood, rental of sports equipment, volleyball field. On the territory of the hotel, there are 3 swimming pools and an extensive zone of sun loungers.

Contact details: 8 7152 398 890, 8 777 608 7777, skif_adm@mail.ru

Holiday Village «Rubin»

Location: East Kazakhstan region, Bukhtarma reservoir, 2 km from the village of Sarybel (Novotimofeevka)

Yurt in national style

The capacity of the yurt is 4 beds. Inside there is everything necessary: ​​dishes, refrigerator, stove, microwave, satellite TV, air conditioning.

Price: 1 day — 10 000 KZT

Additional services: sauna, hire, firewood, horse riding, rental of catamarans and boats. On the territory of the recreation center, there is a parking lot under video security, an arbor, brazier, volleyball field, a children's playground, tennis tables, fishing place.

Contact details: 8 7232 552 260, 8 777 765 71 87

Family entertainment center “Zolotoi Fazan” (Golden Pheasant)

Address: 35, Ryskulova, Koyandy Village

Working hours: MO-FR 09:00 — 22:00, SA-SU 10:00 — 01:00

Traditional yurts

Felt yurts with a capacity of up to 8 people.

Price: 1 hour — 2000 KZT

1 day — 50 000 KZT

Food and drinks are bought only in the recreation area

Additional services: ATVs, bicycles, riding horses, ponies and camels, archery and arbalest shooting, football and volleyball field, sauna, billiards, karaoke, fishing, paintball field, catamarans, Rope Park.

Contact details: 8 776 136 40 77

Recreation center "Kulager"


Location: 84, Zhagay st., Village Internatsionalnyi, Astana

Traditional yurts

The interior of the yurt is decorated in the best traditions of the Kazakh people. Capacity — 10-15 people.

Price: 1 day — 20 000 KZT

Food and drinks are bought only in the recreation area.

Additional services: urban open space has saunas, sport area, playground, café and restaurant. In addition, it has rent of bicycles, ATVs and boats.

Contacts: 8 747 987 9876

Recreation Area Green Park Astana


Address: 9, Ishimskaya, Kosshy Village

Working hours: MO-SU 09:00 — 00:00

Traditional yurts

Inside there is a traditional Kazakh round table, comfortable corps and samovar. The capacity is 8-15 people.

Price: 1 hour — 3000 KZT

Food and drinks are bought only in the recreation area.

Additional services: horseback riding, skiing, snowmobiles. In the recreation area there is a playground, a garden, Wi-Fi, a hookah, a dance floor

Contact details: 8 701 720 22 77

Recreation Area and Country Restaurant BalQaragai

Address: 2, Malotimofeevka, 20 km from Astana

Working hours: reception and service MO-SU 08:00 — 00:00

Traditional yurt

Inside the yurt, there are all the attributes of the traditional home of nomads. Capacity - 10 people.

Price: 1 day — 20 000 KZT

Food and drinks are bought only in the recreation area

Additional services: recreational area has cafe, restaurant, swimming pool, sport area, rent of snowmobiles and ATVs.

Contact details: 8 700 101 00 66, 8 700 202 00 66

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