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24 new places in Astana: establishments, places for sports and shops
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24 new places in Astana: establishments, places for sports and shops

What new locations appeared in the one of the largest cities of Kazakhstan.

Point COFFEEDAY, @coffeeday_kz


A new branch has appeared in the COFFEEDAY coffee shop chain, which is located in the KeruenCity shopping center. It serves warming drinks, desserts, signature teas and sandwiches from the brand chef.

Om on LevOM, @om.astana

A new branch of the popular Om has begun work on the left bank. Pets are allowed in the facility. The menu features delicious desserts, fresh pastries, drinks and hot dogs.

Computer club Next Gen, @nextgen.kz

Next Gen is a new computer club equipped with modern technology. There is a kitchen and exclusive halls for games.

Ecopark on the lake Small Taldykol, 2gis

The construction of a new eco-park has started at Maly Taldykol. The park will be built taking into account the natural terrain.

SF branch, @shaurmafood.kz

Shaurma Fastfood is a fast food restaurant. The new 12th branch of the network appeared at the address: Kudaiberdyuly street, 19B. The institution has children's play areas with animators.

Birch alley, 2gis

A new birch alley appeared in the Presidential Park. During the environmental work day, birch trees were planted here.

Culture dictates, @kultura_diktuyet


Culture dictates is a cozy coffee shop with a pleasant atmosphere. It brews coffee with specialty beans, prepares food pairing dishes and teaches guests the culture of coffee.

W&W, @women_and_wellness_fit

W&W is a new fitness center for women only. It is comfortable for everyone to train here, regardless of age. More than 18 copyright programs are available.

Highvill Soft, @highvillsoft_restaurant

Highvill Soft is a restaurant in the heart of the capital. Beautiful interior, panoramic windows, stunning views of the city and delicious cuisine.

Doner House, @donerhouse.kz

Doner House has been pleasing Astana residents with hearty dishes for several years. A new branch has appeared in the fast food restaurant chain at the address: Petrova Street, 13.

Medipol, @medipol_ns

Medipol is a new medical center for rehabilitation and health improvement on the right bank. There is a swimming pool, hammam and various types of saunas.

McDonald's on the Astana-Borovoe highway, 2gis

A new McDonald's point has appeared on the Astana-Borovoe highway. The menu includes all the popular dishes of the international fast food chain.

Izakaya, @izakaya_astana


Izakaya is a new modern bar with a beautiful interior. Hearty and delicious Pan-Asian cuisine is served here. Popular DJs play on weekends.

Lou Lou Astana, @loulou_astana

Lou Lou Astana is a new and different restaurant with a French aesthetic. Here you can try desserts, ice cream with strawberry sauce, tartare, roast beef, tiger prawns and much more.

Okadzaki, @okadzaki.kz

Okadzaki is a new two-story Japanese and European restaurant. The branch, located at Kumisbekov Street, 2, is the largest in the network.

The Banka, @banka_astana

The Banka is a new establishment with an Almaty atmosphere in the capital. Cocktails with interesting names are served here: «Tears of the Former», «Pink flamingos» and others.

Karaoke ZIMA MINI, @zima_mini

ZIMA MINI is a new fashionable place in the capital. The institution was opened at the Zima bar gallery. Here guests can plunge into the atmosphere of a beautiful life and great sound.

Restaurant Once, @once.astana


Once is a stylish establishment that is still operating in test mode. It serves delicious cocktails, fresh seafood, salads and other dishes.

Public space on Baraev street, 2gis

Several excellent comfortable places for recreation have recently been created here, benches and swings have been installed.

Piano at Meloman

This summer, a bright piano appeared near the store on Republic Avenue. Anyone can play on it. In autumn, the instrument is covered with a special rain cover.

Square near the mosque, 2gis

A new point of attraction for Astana residents. Bright fountains dance in front of the new mosque. Here you can walk and take beautiful photos.

Chinese food delivery Dim Sum, @dimsum.kz

Dim Sum is the authentic taste of Chinese food. Here you can order noodles, meat dishes, donuts, dumplings and other dishes.

Laser golden eagle, 2gis

An unusual mural that is more interesting to watch at night than during the day. It lights up with bright colors at dusk. «Laser Berkut» is located at the address: Bigeldinova street, 5.

Fitness center OxyFiness, @oxyfitness.kz

OxyFiness is a six-story fitness center. It is 4000 square meters of different zones. There are over a dozen fitness destinations for everyone.

Source of the photo: @alishstar

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