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10 places in Almaty where you can eat the best Korean dishes


10 places in Almaty where you can eat the best Korean dishes

Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Korean street fairs and enjoy delicious dishes of South Korean cuisine restaurants in Almaty establishments.

What is Korean cuisine

Korean cuisine is the best fusion of flavors, flavors and traditions that have become famous all over the world for their diversity and sophistication. The wealth of cultural influences and unique ingredients make the food of the famous cuisine truly unique, inimitable and the best. Let's dive into the world of magic of Korean gastronomy and consider what it is.

The basis here is rice, vegetables and seafood, which are widely used in various foods. Rice is not only the main dish in the diet of Koreans, but also a symbol of fertility and prosperity. A variety of food is prepared from it, such as bibimbap — a mix of rice, vegetables, meat and hot pepper, kimbap — rice rolls with various fillings and many others.

Vegetables play an important role and are presented in a wide range. Both fresh and pickled vegetables are used to create a variety of food: salads, for example, are added to main dishes to give them a better taste and aroma. For example, sauerkraut — kimchi is one of the most popular dishes in Korean cuisine, which is considered an integral part of any meal.

Korean food in Almaty

Seafood also occupies an important place due to the country's location by the sea. Shrimp, octopus, mussels, crabs and fish are often found in dishes both raw and cooked. For example, one of the most popular dishes — hamul paddek — is an assortment of seafood fried with vegetables and seasoned with spices.

Another important part is the variety of Korean sauces and seasonings that give the dishes a distinctive taste and aroma. One of the most popular sauces is gochujang, a spicy, flavorful sauce made from red pepper, fermented soybeans and other ingredients. It is added to many foods to enhance the taste and give them piquancy.

Korean cooking is also famous for its barbecue and grill dishes. One of the most famous is the bulgogi, marinated meat, grilled and served with various sauces and vegetables. Dakgalbi, fried chicken pieces with sauce, and samgepsal, grilled pork belly and served with lettuce leaves and sauces, have also become popular.

Do not forget about the popular desserts. The best dessert is patbinsu, which is a beautifully decorated ice cream made of ground rice with fruit and sauce. Rice muffins, stuffed waffles and many other sweets are also popular.

Korean gastronomy is a real art embodied in the variety of food, the richness of flavors and exquisite combinations of ingredients. Its uniqueness and recognizability have made it popular not only in Korea itself, but also abroad. Try a variety of dishes and immerse yourself in the world of magic and flavors of gastronomy.

The popularity of Korean cuisine in Kazakhstan

The popularity of Korean cuisine in Kazakhstan is steadily growing, turning into a real cultural feature. In recent years, it has become an integral part of the gastronomic world of Kazakhstan, attracting more and more fans and connoisseurs of the best flavors and aromas.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Korean gastronomy in Kazakhstan is the growing interest in diverse cultures and culinary traditions of the world. It has a unique character, including a wide range of dishes, many flavor combinations and original seasonings, which attracts the attention of those who seek to get acquainted with new culinary experiences.

In addition, the influence of pop culture from South Korea also has an impact on the popularity of Korean cuisine in Kazakhstan. Dramas, musical groups and films have gained huge popularity among young people, and interest in Korean culture extends to its culinary traditions. Many people want to try the dishes they see in dramas or hear in the songs of their favorite artists.

food in Almaty

It should also be noted that Korean food offers a variety of dishes that are suitable for various dietary restrictions, including vegetarianism and veganism. The richness of vegetable and rice dishes, as well as a variety of seafood-based dishes, make Korean cuisine attractive to those who monitor their health and eat consciously.

It is impossible not to mention the influence of international tourism on the popularity of Korean cuisine in Kazakhstan. Due to the availability of air travel and the development of tourist infrastructure, more and more Kazakhstanis visit South Korea, where they have the opportunity to get acquainted with the best tastes and authentic food. After returning home, they often look for places where they can taste the same food that they have grown to love abroad.

In addition, the variety of Korean food restaurants in Kazakhstan also contributes to its popularity. From small cafes and street eateries to restaurants, everyone can find a place where they can enjoy delicious food in a cozy and atmospheric environment.

In conclusion, the popularity of Korean cuisine in Kazakhstan is explained by its unique and best tastes, the influence of pop culture, the variety of dishes and accessibility to various dietary preferences. Every year, people discover more and more the charm of Korean gastronomy and enjoy its exquisite flavors and aromas.

The best cafes, restaurants and street food of Korean cuisine in Almaty

In these cafes you will find unique food prepared according to authentic recipes using fresh and high-quality ingredients. Korean food in Almaty is not only a great way to get acquainted with new cultural traditions, but also to enjoy exquisite flavors and aromas.

Hankook BBQ, @hankook_korean_restaurant

Where: Satpayev str., 30/2B

A Korean corner with the best food in the heart of Almaty. The cozy establishment employs chefs who put all their love and soul into every dish. There are 10 types of salad for each set as a gift. There is a delicious barbecue.

Nanduk, @nanduk_kz

Where: 40 Dostyk Ave. / 102a Zhibek Zholy Ave. / 5th microdistrict, 16

The best street food cafe with three branches in the city that work late into the night. The restaurant has a wide selection of food and a pleasant atmosphere.

Korean street food, @korean_street_food

Where: 89 Abaya Street / 59/61 Abylai Khan Street / 67 Timiryazev Street and others

Useful.Delicious.Easy — is the motto of this street food establishment. It is important for the network that the taste and quality of the food are comfortable for the guests. There are 18 cafes in six cities of Kazakhstan.

Korean House, @korean_house_kz

Where: Gogol str., 2 / Stolichny residential complex / Esentai Mall and others

Legendary Korean hospitality, varied food, the highest service — all this is Korean House Restaurants! Being a guest, you can discover the royal cuisine of Surosan, whose traditions and recipes have come down to us through the centuries, or taste classic Hansik dishes, which still remain the key to the health and longevity of the Korean people, or just enjoy a barbecue. There are six points in Kazakhstan, 1913 dishes and 388 employees.

CHICKEN STAR, @chickenstar_almt

Where: 54, Kurmangazy Street

Chicken Star in Almaty is a combination of three concepts: chicken, coffee and art space. On the left side there is the Chicken Star itself with delicious food, on the right — Flask Coffee — a modern coffee shop made in the best traditions of Korean minimalism. Chicken Star founder Chihun Jong is originally from Korea. He opened the first institution in Bishkek, and later in Almaty. It is here that you can try real Korean barbecue chicken.

SATORI, @satorirest.kz

Where: 25A Mametova str.

Satori is an authentic Asian cuisine restaurant in Almaty. The menu offers more than 100 items of dishes for every taste. The main gastronomic directions are Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Masisso, @masisso_korean_bbq

Where: 57 Nazarbayev Ave.

The Korean gastronomy restaurant is open daily from 10:00 to 00:00 in Almaty. There are many interesting promotions and promo codes, which is convenient. In the summer, you can also enjoy food on cozy summer holidays.

SEOUL, @seoul__almaty

Where: 270 k3 Radostovets str.

In the cozy Seoul cafe in Almaty, you can try homemade food. Foreigners and local Koreans mostly come here. Also, if you are a lover of the exotic and are always in search of food that you will not find in a simple restaurant, then this place is just for you.

Hanok, @hanok_almaty

Where: 100 Masanchi Street

Another cafe of Korean street food in Almaty. Reasonable prices, the best positions and a cozy interior.

Kakao Dak, @kakaodak_kz

Where: 81 Zhumaliev Street / 27 Euler Street

Large portions of food for low prices. Basically, Kakao Dak street food cafe specializes in delivery. It is here that you can feel like a hero of a South Korean drama by ordering that crispy chicken at home.


In conclusion, the popularity of Korean cuisine and food in Kazakhstan reflects a deep interest in the diversity of cultural and culinary traditions of the world. This growing trend attracts more and more connoisseurs of exquisite tastes and aromas, making Korean food an integral part of the country's gastronomic scene.

One of the key factors contributing to the popularity of Korean gastronomy is its unique character and rich heritage. The variety of food, different cooking methods, as well as the use of aromatic spices and seasonings make Korean cooking unique and fascinating to explore.

to eat Korean food in Almaty

The influence of pop culture from South Korea also has a significant impact on the popularity of Korean cooking in Kazakhstan. Popular dramas, musical groups and films create an increased interest in Korean culture and traditions, including culinary heritage.

It should also be noted the importance of accessibility of various Korean establishments in Kazakhstan. A wide range of establishments, from street eateries to premium restaurants, provides an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the authentic tastes and atmosphere of Korea.

The popularity of Korean gastronomy is also explained by its adaptation to various dietary preferences. The richness of vegetable and fish dishes, as well as attention to healthy eating, make Korean cooking attractive to those who take care of their health.

Finally, travel and tourism also have an impact on the popularity of Korean food in Kazakhstan. The experience of traveling abroad encourages people to get acquainted with new cultures and tastes, and many of them, after returning home, seek to repeat the experiences they had abroad in their hometown.

In general, the popularity of Korean cuisine in Kazakhstan reflects global trends in the field of cooking, as well as the growing interest in a variety of cultures and traditions. This trend continues to develop, attracting more and more connoisseurs of food, exquisite flavors and aromas of Korean gastronomy.

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