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10 Authentic Kyrgyz Cuisine Restaurants in Bishkek


10 Authentic Kyrgyz Cuisine Restaurants in Bishkek

Discover 10 places in the capital of Kyrgyzstan where traditional Kyrgyz cuisine is expertly prepared and served. Whether you're with family, hosting guests from other cities or countries, or enjoying time with friends, these establishments offer a delightful experience of beloved flavors.

Saaba, @saaba.coffee


Saaba dishes up a blend of new and exquisite flavors. Despite being a recent addition, this ethnic coffee shop has quickly become a favorite among residents and guests of Bishkek. Don't miss trying the 'ysyk kurut' beverage.

Kyrgyz Sonunduk, @kyrgyz.sonunduk


Established in 2019, this is Kyrgyzstan's first ethnic fast-food spot. A cozy establishment in the city center, perfect for treating guests to traditional Kyrgyz dishes.

Ethno-complex Supara, @supara_kg


Supara showcases the nomadic life of the Kyrgyz people, depicting their lifestyle, culture, and traditions. The complex features seven yurts, each differing in size, interior design, and style. The menu at Supara is diverse, offering everything from kymyz tea to intriguing hot dishes like shorpo kesme.

NAVAT, @navat_kg

Upholding and cherishing the ancient traditions of Eastern hospitality, family values, and respect for elders, NAVAT offers guests a diverse menu, comfort, and top-notch service. With over 10 branches in Bishkek, it's a well-established network.

Kalama, @kalama_food_bish


Kalama offers traditional dishes in a new ethnic fast-food format. Noteworthy items on the menu include national drinks like bozo, chalap, maksym, and kalama — a must-try for all visitors.

5 Manti, @5manty

If you're a manty enthusiast, a visit to 5 Manti is a must. They serve manty in various forms, from pumpkin-filled to those with juice and even fish. Advantages include reasonable prices, numerous branches across the city, and a 24/7 operating schedule.

Apamdyn Kattamasy, @apamdyn.kattamasy.official

This place exudes national charm. Apamdyn Kattamasy offers a variety of dishes, including kattama, kuurdak, plov, oromo, and zharkop. Locals recommend trying kattama with milk tea.

Charpaya, @charpaia

Situated in the heart of Bishkek and surrounded by green parks and squares, Charpaya creates the ambiance of a secluded corner of nature. Charpaya serves dishes from Kyrgyz, European, and Eastern cuisines. Additional perks include a spacious children's play area, cozy raised platforms, and pergolas, along with ample parking space.


Every resident of Bishkek knows Faiza. Operating since 1998, Faiza has been delighting guests for over 20 years with unique cuisine, a relaxing atmosphere, and comfort. The most popular menu items include lagman and manty.

Nakta, @nakta_restaurant

Nakta is a restaurant offering modern national and European cuisine. The advantages of the establishment include banquet halls in Kyrgyz style, buffets in the national format, and author's presentation of dishes.

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